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Fancy Chair Socks (Free Pattern)

Fancy Chair Socks

Chair socks are great for protecting those nice hardwood floors or linoleum. I've got them on my table legs too.

Fancy Chair Socks

Materials: One pair of 3 3/4mm needles.
Worsted weight yarn.

Tension: 22 sts = 4 inches

Cast on 4 sts.
Row 1 - Knit.
Row 2 - Increase 1 st. in every st. (8 sts.)
Row 3 - Increase 1 st. in every 2nd st. (12 sts.)
Row 4 - Increase 1 st. in every 3rd st. (16 sts.)
Row 5 - Increase 1 st. in every 4th st. (20 sts.)
Row 6 - Increase 1 st. in every 5th st. (24 sts.)
Row 7 - Increase 1 st. in every 6th St. (28 sts.)
Knit 1 row.
Purl 1 row.
Continue in Stocking Stitch until sock measures 4 inches ending with purl row.
Drawstring Holes - K1, yo, *k2tog, yo* Repeat from * to * to last st. K1 (29 sts.)
Ruffle - Purl 1 row.
Increase 1 st. in each st. (58 sts.)
Knit 5 rows,
Cast off.
Sew seam.
Drawstring - Make twisted cord or crochet chain. Slot through holes and tie in a bow.

Copyright 2005

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Hello Marg: I'm in Fort McMurray, would it be possible to buy the chair socks from you? Dar
comment by darmac on Jan 6, 2012 9:48 PM ()
Hi Dar, check your MyBloggers Messages.
reply by nittineedles on Jan 8, 2012 12:40 AM ()
How do I get this pattern to print up
comment by theresaanddiane on Aug 13, 2010 1:15 PM ()
Assuming you tried the print button, privately e-mail me (mybloggers message) with your e-mail address and I'll send you a copy of the pattern. Or you could copy and paste the article somewhere else and print it.
reply by nittineedles on Aug 13, 2010 1:57 PM ()
For the knitter who has knit everything and is looking for more. I actually could use these, and I love your color choice. I like the 'sew seam' part instead of struggling with four or five double pointed needles. You can tell I've got a lot of knitting hangups.
comment by troutbend on May 17, 2008 8:14 PM ()

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