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I am a wife to one special man (DH), mother of one son (DS), two daughters (DD#1 and DD#2), grandmother of six grandsons, two granddaughters and twin brat cats. I am a lover of all things cat. Knitting and spinning take up about 75% of my thoughts and actions during the day. If I didn’t have DH and the kitties it would probably be more like 99%.

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The House was then bought by a woman who thought she could make her fortune by being a slum lord. The joke was on her when she unknowingly rented it to a family of hoarders. The occupants threw their ...
There is a house directly behind mine that is often, way too often, up for sale. I call it The Bad Luck House. When we first moved into our house there was a young couple and their son living in TBLH....
The boys back in August:Does this bed make my butt look big?First contact with a stranger. Scamper was ready and willing to fight. Georgie, not so much.They have made a pact to never, ever, ever sleep...
New Toy: Cat tunnel. They seem to like it. They use it to travel between the dining room and the living room. They tried fighting in it but found it too confining. New Bed: The boys had been fighting ...
The boys got some more shots today. They got weighed again too. Scamper has gained .66kg for a grand total of 2.53kg and Georgie has gained .55kg for a total of 2.16kg. We attribute Georgie's slower g...
We celebrated Don's 71st Birthday tonight. Went out for dinner at the only posh restaurant in town, Orestes Kouzina,and then home for cake and ice cream. This was one of his presents as the last pair...
I would like to introduce you all to Scamperand GeorgieWe adopted these two brothers last month. They are about 4 months old now. Scamper is the lazier of the two. When he gets tired of playing he wil...
March 2017Mermaid Tails Shark Cozy Barbie Doll Ball Gowns More Mermaid Tails April 2017Spinning and Dyeing Baby Set May 2017Craft Market Stall Spinning and Dyeing Cradle Purses Kid Kozy - Transformer ...
Oh my! I just noticed that I haven't posted any of my knitterly things at all this year. You might think I don't knit or spin any more but nothing could be further from the truth.January 2017Baby Blan...
On the first night of Christmas my kitty left for me The angel from the top of the tree. On the second night of Christmas my kitty left for me Two wooden ornaments and the angel from the top of the t...
There's a lady in town who supplies me with my dog hair for spinning. Last month I received a message in my Etsy Shop from another woman who told me she was a friend of my supplier and wanted me to kn...
I sold my fingerless gloves at the Craft Market today. No, not a pair that was on my craft table. MY gloves. The ones I had brought with me in case my hands got cold. Yes, I did tell her they were MY ...
We celebrated Don's 70th birthday tonight. My gosh he's getting old, whereas I don't feel any older than the day we met. I gave him a box of Tim Hortons decaff coffee pods and a coffee crisp chocolate...
I'm knitting this lapghan for a customer who wants to give it to an adult male relative. She wanted a Star Wars Stormtrooper on it. The first photo is what it looks like when viewed by others. Stormtr...
I have a booth at our local Sunday Craft Market and usually people are telling me I price my items too low. Last Sunday was different. A lady was looking at my basket of baby socks and asked if I have...