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The Bad Luck House

There is a house directly behind mine that is often, way too often, up for sale. I call it The Bad Luck House.

When we first moved into our house there was a young couple and their son living in TBLH. Their little guy could be seen, occasionally, maneuvering his wheelchair around the back yard. Not long after we arrived a for sale sign appeared at that house. Neighbours informed us that the parents had purchased a metal swing set but the father hadn't assembled it properly and it collapsed on the boy, rendering him a paraplegic. The mother blamed the father, they divorced and sold The House.

Families came and went and eventually The House was purchased by a young man who intended to remodel and sell for a profit. A few years after he moved into The House his brother died in a tragic plane crash. I don't know how the renovation went but a few years later the for sale sign was back.

To be continued...

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Such a legend of disasters!!!
comment by elderjane on May 23, 2019 2:36 AM ()

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