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I am a happy wife, mother and grandmother, an animal lover, an obsessed reader, a foodie and a sometime painter. Also the oldest blogger at 83.

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I probably couldn't live without one and this week finds me ready to dive in and get some things organized. I have made a start by shredding a ton of papers. My daughter calls this a death clean and s...
I never thought I would be a care giver for Ted because he was younger and so strong when we married. However life happens, we have an obligation to do what needs doing for those we love. I am enjoyin...
I told you all earlier that my neighborhood was kind of getting closer now and we are helping each other more. Today I took my frail, bent with arthritis neighbor to Aldi's. She has been wanting to go...
There are some positives in this time of isolation. I have gotten to know a sweet and generous man who plies me with tomatoes and barbecue and another very nice man and his wife. It seems that we have...
I have heard from three friends that I never expected to because it has been a long time since we lost contact some how. In many ways,it has been delightful and in other ways sad. Both of our neighbor...
I am trying to stay positive about the good things in my life. 1. I talk to my daughter every day on the phone. 2. My mini garden is yielding a lot of summer squash. 3. Laura and I are in daily contac...
A good friend of mine lost a son to suicide yesterday. All the warning signs were in place. He had given away his dog, given his body to medical science and told his mother this was the last time he w...
Not much is happening is the understatement of the year! We have isolated ourselves, only going out to the grocery store or to the physical therapist (me) or to get my blood checked because of taking ...
I am so angry and upset over the present administrations huge failures that I am not even going to discuss that. It keeps me too angry. Instead, I am going to discuss wanton waste as it is shown on tv...
I don't know if you have ever been chastised by your pet but Jose has a whole list of behaviors to let me know when he is displeased with me. They all center around his not getting to do his favorite ...
The virus didn't start to impact us until about the middle of March when we started isolating ourselves. The social aspects of isolation are devastating. I wonder how many divorces will be spawned bec...
If my math is right, today Fredo turns ninety which is quite a mile post. I am wishing him a wonderful day with Mike and his children. I am sending hugs and kisses from Ted, Jose and I. Make the most ...
Spring was sneaky this year. All the talk of the virus kept us indoors and out of the loop. I looked out the window and it dawned on me that the trees all had leaves and the grass was green. It gave m...
It is impossible to stay totally isolated. We had to pick up a family treasure yesterday, a flow blue vase that was one of a pair yesterday and it seemed very rude not to visit a bit with my sister in...
I got up early and by 6 a.m. headed out to my nearest grocery store which is two blocks from my house. They had everything because they are smart enough to limit the amount of scarce items and because...