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I am a happy wife, mother and grandmother, an animal lover, an obsessed reader, a foodie and a sometime painter. Also the oldest blogger at 83.

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If anyone is on a heart healthy salt free diet, I have a recipe that I like better than Mrs. Dash. It is as follows: l tablespoon Italian seasoning 1 tablespoon garlic powder 1 tablespoon ground coria...
I am grateful that the holidays are behind us and so are our checkups with our primary care doctor. Ted has one Monday and one Tuesday at the V.A. and then we are through for awhile. I am sporting two...
Christmas eve will always be sad for me because Bobby passed away that day in 2014. Now we got another blow on December 23rd. Sara, my oldest grandaughter, got the news that her husband has an ultra s...
l. When you are out of laundry detergent even though you have been to the grocery store every single day. 2. When you can't get an appointment to have the dog groomed and he is hot and panting all the...
So far this year, I have received two. One from Rosalyn and Jimmy Carter and one from a retired teacher friend that I used to work with. Her Christmas letter was enclosed and I enjoyed it. I no longer...
My poor sister decided to have the dinner at her house because she has three children living near her to help. Unfortunately, she came down with sciatica and went ahead with our plans. I felt very gui...
Of late, I have been exhausted just going to the front of the house to the back so I had Ted take my blood pressure and it was 102/74 To my knowledge that is the lowest it has ever been in my life. No...
The weather here is enough to depress the cheeriest of optimists. It is l4 degrees this morning and I am building fires in the fireplace just as an antidepressant. Fortunately we don't have to leave t...
Ted and I sedately drive a Prius or at least I drive it sedately, he scares me to death with his near misses although he has improved greatly with his new glasses. He is a muscle car addict and cars a...
This is tasty, filling and comforting on cold days. Of course we serve it with corn bread. At least four different kinds of beans. You can get packages of beans already containing different kinds espe...
My sister and I received a financial blow. Like many Oklahomans, we rely on oil royalties for some of our income. Sheridan Petroleum, a large company in Houston just took bankruptcy and with it went a...
Sometimes you just can't help feeling thoroughly bored. It is Sunday morning and Ted and I have wreaked havoc on our stomachs with too much acid from garden fresh tomatoes. They are so good, it is alm...
My grand daughter was senior class princess and Ted and I went to the homecoming parade to take pictures. He had the camera charged and ready. The sun was hot and there was no breeze and the parade wa...
Money is slithering through my fingers like there is no tomorrow. Ted got new glasses, two pairs sun glasses and another pair. I have been prepping for winter, I had the holly and the shrubs trimmed a...
My mornings are the busiest time of day for me. Jose needs a walk before it gets hot, Ted requires a full english breakfast and the clean up it entails, there is usually a load of laundry to do and th...