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I am a happy wife, mother and grandmother, an animal lover, an obsessed reader, a foodie and a sometime painter. Also the oldest blogger at 83.

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I have a suitable Easter outfit if I can squeeze into it after a winter of self indulgence. It is my queen Elizabeth dress...a sleeveless dress with matching coat in a gorgeous pink. The problem is t...
My friends did me proud with a birthday luncheon, flowers, and a lot of presents. Then Ted took me out to eat yesterday and for some reason every time we eat at Cheddars, the food is so good that it ...
Yesterday, we spent the day at the V.A. Ted had a day long appointment and it was stressful. I also had two interviews with a neuro psychologist concerning his condition. Someone had slapped a diagno...
Someone has hacked my face book account and blocked my ability to comment or post. I absolutely do not know why I cannot follow the prompts and report it nor can I deactivate my account. Laura, if you...
I don't think that I have ever looked forward to spring quite so eagerly or felt so cheated. March came roaring in like a lion and now that it has warmed up, the rain and drizzle are constant. I need...
I think my advanced age has made me a target for scammers. I may have told you that we are constantly getting phone calls telling me that I have won mega millions or publishers clearing house. The am...
Regional differences fascinate me. I remember using Southwestern Woman when I started blogging. The Angela Huston character in Lonesome Dove is the very epitome of a southwestern woman. She is by tur...
After having a really awful week, this week I have had two nice surprises from friends. It has been thirty years since I worked at Robin Hill school. Two of my friends from there had passed away and t...
Well guys, I am no longer invincible. I have had to admit that I am not strong enough for all the yard work that has accumulated. I hired a lawn service to trim the holly and I hired my sweet twins to...
Talk about utter and complete brain washing! I only like Counselor Troy, Rieker and Captain Picard but this took us back to the very beginning of the stories and by dinner time Jose and I were ready t...
I am keeping my grand dogs and they know what to expect. Their expectations are easy to meet, full bowls of dog food, plenty of water and this is constant presence. If I leave the house th...
Christmas is all over and I am a bit relieved. I certainly got a lot of loot this year and all of it very satisfying. Some of the gifts that I gave...a necklace that needs an extender and a jacket nee...
I have no idea how many that I am cooking for because we never know if Sara will have a migraine and not be able to come. I am smoking a turkey breast today and will bake a ham tomorrow morning. Today...
I may have written about Steve before. He is a slight blonde guy who moves with the speed of light. He has done a lot of tree work for us because he can climb a tree and have it cut down before you ca...
We got all ready for the winter storm, all prepared to snug down and enjoy it and it fizzled out before it got here. I am grateful that no one will have to fight the snow and ice but we may still get ...