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I am a happy wife, mother and grandmother, an animal lover, an obsessed reader, a foodie and a sometime painter. Also the oldest blogger at 83.

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With lots of love and family fun. I am baby sitting a sick husband but he is getting better, very slowly. We are having ham and no turkey but Christmas will be a turkey day. Adrienne and Laura will be...
This holiday season is killing me because it insists on turning into 2015, the saddest one I have ever endured. By Thanksgiving, Bobby had been told to bring in hospice and that he would inevitably di...
I have the twins cleaning up the backyard and they are doing a fantastic job but since they are seventeen I suspect they are going to break for lunch soon. I have been feeding them at intervals all mo...
Last night we listened to music and played a CD that we had recorded October 3l, l988. It was a concert by Leonard Cohen and the CD was faulty but it was wonderful anyway to see him once again with hi...
Our hot water heater is leaking into the garage but the plumber will be here on Monday and I trust him, totally. He usually works on weekends but he and his wife are going to a family reunion and he i...
Three cups cooked squash legg well beaten i/2 cup sharp grated cheddar cheese 1/2 cup cottage cheese 2 tablespoon diced onion 2 TABLESPOONS butter salt and pepper to taste and try to have bacon left f...
Every once in a while, I have to remember how I got to this stage of my life. It constantly amazes me that as a child, born into the great depression, I have been a world traveler, managed to get a ma...
I have nothing spectacular to report except that our two favorites of all Ted's brothers passed away in the last few months. One of the unfavorite and greedy brothers got a power of attorney and cheat...
It is hard to imagine that the heat is also fueling mass rage to the degree that we are seeing it. The gun lobby bears a lot of responsibility for these dead babies that get caught in the cross fire a...
I am going to have to have some recreation soon and it might just be an overnight in a luxurious hotel but Ted is dragging his feet. He is more interested in putting up some kind of privacy screen tha...
My grandaughter will be home for her birthday because she can work remotely. We can't wait to see her. At 24, she is a chemical engineer, has a job in Madison Wisconsin and her own apartment, car and ...
I probably got this way too soon and should have waited a while before planting tomatoes and squash but I did cover the tomatoes with glass jars to protect them. My birthday present from Ted is always...
It is pronounced shivaree and my Mom and dad had one when they married. I think it has passed out of tradition except perhaps in the depths of Louisiana. When newly weds spend their first night togeth...
Every publication that I receive has an article about how to organize and declutter for Spring, Life is by definition untidy so we can only do so much. The main thing I want to declutter is Ted's spac...
I am sitting here drinking coffee and beating myself up because I look so old!! 92 is not nothing, it is very disturbing to look in the mirror and see an old woman and feel all the aches and pains com...