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I am a happy wife, mother and grandmother, an animal lover, an obsessed reader, a foodie and a sometime painter. Also the oldest blogger at 83.

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Jose is the sweetest most loving dog that I have ever had but he is exceedingly stubborn. I am facing revision surgery on my left knee and the pain is really excessive. He no longer gets to walk very ...
I just got an email from Mike. fredo is very ill and hospice care is on the way. They have given him 6 months to live. You can email Mike at This is sad. Ted and I enjoyed being...
I have been trying to teach Jose a new trick much to Ted's dismay. It involves shooting the finger which in his case means shooting his paw. He is a quick learner and I can't wait for him to try it on...
I have been reading old posts and I miss the wicked witch of the west and others so much. Have you all gone to facebook?...
That Chinese curse has certainly come true for all of us in 2020. I never thought I would see a global pandemic or a flim flam man try desperately to cling to power and try to subvert the will of the ...
After installing an antenna and giving up direct tv, Ted was so unhappy that I had to order it again. I was perfectly satisfied with the antenna because I got all the local stations and about sixty ch...
We were more fortunate than most because we had a fire place and a generator. It has been hell. we got a little tv but really need to do some things as soon as people quit buying stuff like batteries ...
We braved a wonderful family get together outside, wearing masks and distancing as much as possible with my sister and her family. My daughter and grand daughters were unable to go. Ashley had to be b...
Are you used to the new normal yet? We are trying but it is not fun. I have amused myself by buying Christmas presents on line and getting that out of the way. Ted has imposed a bed time of 8 p.m. and...
I probably couldn't live without one and this week finds me ready to dive in and get some things organized. I have made a start by shredding a ton of papers. My daughter calls this a death clean and s...
I never thought I would be a care giver for Ted because he was younger and so strong when we married. However life happens, we have an obligation to do what needs doing for those we love. I am enjoyin...
I told you all earlier that my neighborhood was kind of getting closer now and we are helping each other more. Today I took my frail, bent with arthritis neighbor to Aldi's. She has been wanting to go...
There are some positives in this time of isolation. I have gotten to know a sweet and generous man who plies me with tomatoes and barbecue and another very nice man and his wife. It seems that we have...
I have heard from three friends that I never expected to because it has been a long time since we lost contact some how. In many ways,it has been delightful and in other ways sad. Both of our neighbor...
I am trying to stay positive about the good things in my life. 1. I talk to my daughter every day on the phone. 2. My mini garden is yielding a lot of summer squash. 3. Laura and I are in daily contac...