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I am a happy wife, mother and grandmother, an animal lover, an obsessed reader, a foodie and a sometime painter. Also the oldest blogger at 83.

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It is so cold here today andthe cat just had to come and stay warm. I already had a feeling that allwould be well. sure enough no oneseemed to be stressed and the cat and dog both slept umder our bed ...
I am perfectly relaxed, the traditional food is prepared and ready to reheat and I am so glad because it is drizzling rain. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!...
For who we are, for simple pleasures, for what we have been given. For our plentitude of virtual friends, for Eddie who has made it all possible and for the solid friendships we have enjoyed through t...
I don't even have severe weather to talk about. It is sunny and cool and we actually had a rain this week. It has been a long time since we heard the clatter of rain on the roof. The jr college has a ...
Today, I am supposed to have a repair man put a new mother board in the dishwasher. I hope this one works!! I think the original ones were faulty and it takes all kinds of manipulation to make them wo...
All our friends appear to have survived the hurricane. Love you all. Jeri...
To all our friends in Florida: I am wishing you out of danger and hope you have taken precautions and are evacuating. Teal, Dottie and Karen Meka especially. It may be like our tornado warnings...whic...
That is the only way I can think of our family troubles. Mh cousin , who had a long an productive life aside from the last few years of having Aphasia departed and her funeral was last week. Our cousi...
I have discovered that I am breakable as I have been falling a lot. It is wierd, one just tips over without any warning and I know now why my grandmother had to go to a nursing home. It is odd that ne...
I think the pandemic has changed our lives in so many ways. We have been isolated from our peers and the modest social life that we enjoyed is gone. I would just rather proceed normally but Ted is sup...
It is like being in the oven if you go outside here. First it was so humid you could hardly endure it and now it is just like hell fire out there. My plants are beautiful because I wat er every day an...
Just always here and never here if you know what I mean. I am so tired of just the four of us, me, Ted, Jose and Nadine being shut up together with little relief in sight. We keep sighing over the cru...
Every Once in a while, I just have to rant. I hate the image that Oklahoma projects...but there is no changing it as long as people like Mark Wayne Mullin run for the U. S. Senate and all our law make...
My DIL and Ashley just brought me some flowers for my birthday and she has been in contact with her sister. It seems that no one dares to say a word against the war or Putin or they will be shot or pu...
I used to see Jeremy out running quite often but he has not been around in ages. Hope he and his children and wife have not been ill. Very few of us still post on this site and I miss you all. I won't...