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I am a happy wife, mother and grandmother, an animal lover, an obsessed reader, a foodie and a sometime painter. Also the oldest blogger at 83.

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My mornings are the busiest time of day for me. Jose needs a walk before it gets hot, Ted requires a full english breakfast and the clean up it entails, there is usually a load of laundry to do and th...
I am feeling guilty this morning because I was supposed to attend a stock market seminar and I am choosing to go to a birthday party instead. Ted's brother is celebrating his 80th today. Someone else ...
I have been dreading getting all my paper work in order for a very long time and finally just sat down and sorted and filed it which is going to make my demise much easier for Ted and Linda. I have go...
I made the horrid mistake of watering my plants this morning with out putting on insect repellant. I always pay dearly for this kind of error. I fantasized about comparing the plants to people. The Vi...
My life has reached a peak of dullness. Ted had his cataract surgery on the 9th. All went well. He was spoiled to death. He had it at Dean McGee which is the best place in the state and got deluxe tre...
It has been over fifty years since I fretted over my fortieth birthday. I was depressed and felt like the Is That All Their Is song...Carly Simon? She nailed it for many of us. I had all that I was su...
This has to the dreariest of days. It has been drizzling since early morning and is enough to convince any sceptic of climate change. I did however, manage to walk Jose before it started. He saw a bea...
Yesterday was an exercise in possibility. My friends and I went to the symphony show house. An old apartment house in the historic district invited a group of designers to transform it. Each apartment...
I adored my mother's sisters and my grandmother. When we got together every other Sunday of my child hood, it was wild hugs and kisses and fun. After a heavy Sunday meal and the dishes were done, they...
We are under heavy tornado alert all day. For us, that means getting important papers and vital information to the cellar under our car port. We have room for about 8 to ten people besides Ted and I a...
Being a docent at the Governor's mansion is always interesting and you meet some great people who are interested in history and antiques. Yesterday was no exception. The most memorable couple was from...
I have a garage sale scheduled with four other women. I have never had a successful one because I have no clue about what people will buy. I fully expect to donate the left overs to the Salvation Army...
My optimism has deserted me of late. Part of it is the culture we live in. I hate violence, racism and ignorance and it appears to be rife in this administration. It has reduced me to being hateful as...
I have a suitable Easter outfit if I can squeeze into it after a winter of self indulgence. It is my queen Elizabeth dress...a sleeveless dress with matching coat in a gorgeous pink. The problem is t...
My friends did me proud with a birthday luncheon, flowers, and a lot of presents. Then Ted took me out to eat yesterday and for some reason every time we eat at Cheddars, the food is so good that it ...