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Men Are From Mars....

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Men are from Mars... ...and Women are from Venus!

The Power of Now -- Know the book? Got the concept? Life takes place in the Present--Simple! I'm into RVing too. Everything else that might be important is in these pages. More about Now? Try This!

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I got sick and tired of paying $182 for "ntertainment", which actually means about three or four TV channels that we actually watch. Recently we got a Roku, which seems like more hype than content. I ...
Hey people, So hard to blog when fb is an instant, quick and easy way to share. I did find out now tho that my pictures fit without resizing so this makes blogging easier. 4C Camp for Adults is like s...
That phrase is usually heard as dogs aren't people, but I meant what it says. I think the meaning will become clear. Buster went to see Benny on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. And that ends a ...
Good that I waited for my scheduled appointment rather than running in early because of my bone. It's still a mystery: Whatever the bone came from and why it waited until now to surface will never be ...
Well maybe not quite a bone. Maybe calcium deposits trying to escape? This is probably the first time I can't find a useful video on youtube related to an issue I'm interested in. It's been a rough si...
I just came from FB where I replied to this comment: "This whole thing is making me sick. I have a man that I love...I have a son that I love...I have many male friends that I cherish and love. The co...
"Website coming soon! Stay tuned.This page belongs to a member of the InMotion Hosting network. If you are visiting this site, please check back soon.If you own this site, your new web hosting account...
Yesterday while I was doing some random activity which has already been forgotten, a memory from childhood popped into my thoughts. We were sitting on a stoop in Middle Village which is what people di...
Yup, I'm talking food. Finally an online recipe that was easy enough for me to make, courtesy of Jeri. Link to Jeri's version of this snack...
Hey people! I've been too busy to think lately so I just do one thing after another until it's all done. I had to replace my computer so I bought another refurbished Acer and scrapped all the junk com...
I've been hearing about Alexa or a long time and the original was taller and more expensive ($179). Every time I went to Amazon I'd see echo but I didn't bother to find out what that was until recentl...
Ok, so we don't all have the same experience doing reviews of movies or restaurants or anything else and based on the photos below I'll be the first to admit that I'm lacking in experience in this mat...
I probably don't need to say much more about it since I'm posting it. CNN also reports that more marchers are filling the national mall than did visitors who attended the inauguration. Right or wrong...