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Men Are From Mars....

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Men are from Mars... ...and Women are from Venus!

The Power of Now -- Know the book? Got the concept? Life takes place in the Present--Simple! I'm into RVing too. Everything else that might be important is in these pages. More about Now? Try This!

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I'll go into edit later and change it if the picture posts. ...
She has never stayed away for so long for no reason. ...
Most everyone here is familiar with loss. A great deal of loss in some cases. We live and form attachments and lose them as we get older. I am no longer very good at dealing with loss (if I ever was)....
This recipe is very forgiving. I haven't made it the same way twice. I don't remember why it say margarine since we have only used butter for the last many years but that doesn't matter either. No app...
Greetings! Some of you may notice that I'm always around but haven't posted since, ah.. whatever. It's just that fb is so much easier and faster to share a thought and get on with life. I already type...
There was a time that ended a few months ago when I wouldn't even consider buying a product from one of those adds on Facebook or Youtube or email, or wherever no matter how good the product appeared ...
WHO launches global megatrial of the four most promising coronavirus treatments By Kai Kupferschmidt, Jon Cohen Mar. 22, 2020 A drug combo already used against HIV. A malaria treatment first tested du...
Business as usual here although I do know where to get some cooked turkey later today. The community has a dinner open to all but Donna would rather take the grub home. It's at the same place where th...
I tried to upload a couple of photos but they both posted sideways and there was nothing I could do about it so I deleted them. For whatever reason (age), it didn't occur to me at first that eyeglasse...
I got sick and tired of paying $182 for "ntertainment", which actually means about three or four TV channels that we actually watch. Recently we got a Roku, which seems like more hype than content. I ...
Hey people, So hard to blog when fb is an instant, quick and easy way to share. I did find out now tho that my pictures fit without resizing so this makes blogging easier. 4C Camp for Adults is like s...
That phrase is usually heard as dogs aren't people, but I meant what it says. I think the meaning will become clear. Buster went to see Benny on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. And that ends a ...
Good that I waited for my scheduled appointment rather than running in early because of my bone. It's still a mystery: Whatever the bone came from and why it waited until now to surface will never be ...
Well maybe not quite a bone. Maybe calcium deposits trying to escape? This is probably the first time I can't find a useful video on youtube related to an issue I'm interested in. It's been a rough si...