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Retired from the New York Times. Non-professional ballet dancer creaking through private workouts, serious classical pianist, sketch artist of sorts, fulminator on issues, in-your-face essays, feisty but manageable. Mostly a nice person. From time to time, a fanged, shaggy carnivore.

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I forgot the plumber was coming today to replace our leaking water heater. I had not cleared the area in front of it, so he moved a filing cabinet, took shelves down, and I found places to put the stu...
I was looking through an old journal from 1993, the year Jay died. It is full of work thoughts and I referenced people on the job that I don’t even remember. I was handling the data base for New Yor...
Money for worthy causes. Because I have contributed to political campaigns, because I sign petitions for progressive causes, I am on the list for donations and I get 100 e mails a day. Typically, they...
In the aftermath, I am throwing out Ziggy’s meds, cleaning cat brushes and random vomit I didn’t get to, and feeling devastated while I do it all. Ed wants to look at possible adoptions at the she...
We knew when we adopted him that he had immune deficiency but we fell in love with him and took him anyway. He was happy to have a home. Now he has cardiomyopathy. The vet made him comfortable by clea...
Yesterday I got a call from my grandson. “Hi grandma,” said this deep voice. And I said, “I didn’t have children, therefore I don’t have any grand children, and you can fuck off.” And I hu...
I just got a cold call from a young woman representing a health help center. If I suffer from chronic pain, they can help. Well I have the back thing for which I take an antispasmodic 3 times a day an...
I thought I had thrush, but it was very resistant to all thrush meds. I finally saw my internist when I asked for a refill on my meds. "Stop the meds and see me." He said he was an expert on thrush a...
Just when you think you’re still 35 you get a wake-up call. Mine came last Saturday. Suddenly ,from left field, severe chills, high fever, nausea. Normally. I just go to bed. This was different. I a...
Don, my brother-in-law, still not hanging out with us, but we are talking, came over this morning with some family photos and some devastating news. His son,Johnny, my only nephew, died of cancer this...
Max, the manx, awesome in his immense blackness, thinks that if he eats Ziggy’s food, he is getting away with something. So Ziggy eats a little and leaves and Max cleans up. And only then does Max g...
If I were getting married again, I’d first ask for a list of TV programs that are your favorites. Other things being equal, the choices might or might not be a factor. Ed, for instance, loves anythi...
I’m short one more test with a gynecologist to track down the anemia thing. I just had an upper bowel x ray. They give you two 12 oz. containers of barium to drink and insist that, yes, you have to ...
Today I had an upper endoscopy, a further test to determine why I have anemia. There was no pathology and I am relieved. I am inclined not to worry until I have to but Ed was worried and Sol was worri...
Solveiga came for Thanksgiving and is still here and has been absolutely wonderful in helping me. For instance, she washed my car, cleaned my refrigerator, and we took Ziggy to the vet so they could d...