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Retired from the New York Times. Non-professional ballet dancer creaking through private workouts, serious classical pianist, sketch artist of sorts, fulminator on issues, in-your-face essays, feisty but manageable. Mostly a nice person. From time to time, a fanged, shaggy carnivore.

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I went to Radiology Regional today, had to be there at 9:15, had to be up at 7, no dawdle time. I was to get a scan of me nether parts to determine why I am anemic. I was very weak, due to a day of fl...
I went to a stem cell therapist today re. my back because even though the steroid injections have helped a lot, they won’t last forever. He also deals with neuropathy. So I had an evaluation, and ne...
Playing in the courtyard with neighborhood friends. I was the youngest, about age 7. A friend was tossing a tin can against the brick walls and it richocheted and hit me in the forehead causing a blee...
In my previous post, I referred to my alley and it deserves its own post as does my childhood nabe. Here it is.That alley doesn’t exist anymore. They tore everything down. What was once a fabulously...
A woman Tara Reade, who worked for Joe Biden 30 years ago,came forward recently to accuse him of sexual misconduct. He touched her shoulder or something. Now she suddenly remembered that he did more t...
Well, this morning I finally found out why I couldn’t find Tyler on the pool deck at night. One of our screen panels is almost totally ripped off and he was just jumping out – the world was his do...
I was to have my cleaning lady come today. I have been low on energy because I am anemic, still waiting for next step there. So I haven’t done any laundry. Gisele was going to do it, but she texted ...
Ed drove me to doctor’s office, I was seen immediately. Wore a mask and gloves. Ed waited in the car. They were super nice. I lay face down on a table with a spongy mattress. Doctor questioned me ab...
I had an appointment today with a g.i. doctor and it was in Fort Myers and Ed was going to drive me. But the doc’s office called and wanted to make it a visual phone visit and I agreed. A staffer he...
Ed and I watched most of a movie called "A Serious Man", about a Jewish physics professor hit with myriad problems, before Ed tuned away because he got bored.Since I didn’t see the end, I Googled it...
Maus mentioned how useful alcohol can be. Here is a memory from when I was 19.I had a wisdom tooth removed. Went out shopping with my sis. Later in the day, my mouth started bleeding. It was bedtime, ...
When I watch cop shows and there has been an internet criminal being hunted, their techies seem to know how to find the criminal. Is this fiction? Got an e mail from Walmart. I have shopped there but,...
Whoever is after me won’t quit. I had my computer tech come today and wearing mask, and gloves, he dealt with Facebook and it cost $175. He helped Ed with his printer too. I thought I was back in bu...
HackedMy Facebook page was compromised. I couldn’t sign on. Was urged to change my password. My former password was not accepted. My birth date was “wrong”. I tried several times. I was looped b...
Ed and I are mostly staying home but today he found a reason why he had to drive to his lawyer’s office, 30 miles away. “I won’t get out of the car.” Because he is home a lot, and eats a lot, ...