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Retired from the New York Times. Non-professional ballet dancer creaking through private workouts, serious classical pianist, sketch artist of sorts, fulminator on issues, in-your-face essays, feisty but manageable. Mostly a nice person. From time to time, a fanged, shaggy carnivore.

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I’m one of those people who counts her blessings all the time. A family gathering for me hasn’t happened since I lived in Chicago and I left in 1957. Jay and I would annually go to our dear friend...
In the 60s and 70s, Jay and I became friends with James Randi, aka the Amazing Randi. Jay and he shared the skeptics view of the paranormal, of magicians who claimed extraordinary powers. Randi was pr...
I have been distracted by many things and have not been at the piano a lot to the point that my technique is suffering. A catalyst has been Sol, who loves music and is an avid fan of my playing and wi...
Late at night while I am getting ready for bed, I dawdle, I digress. I look at reading material, I look stuff up on the internet, I put off brushing my teeth. Suddenly it’s 1 a.m. and I am not done....
There was a news feature this afternoon bemoaning the fact that college students were missing out on the best social time of their lives because of the pandemic. They can’t mingle, they can’t meet...
Today was a good day. We got our mail-in ballots, we filled them out right away, I voted Democrat throughout – I didn’t even know the judges, but looked them up. If they were appointed by a Republ...
Saturday was my birthday and our wedding anniversary, so I checked out the Tarpon Lodge and they said, yes, wear masks, and told me they were observing seating distance. So I made a reservation for th...
I’ve just discovered Alma Deutscher. Here is an excerpt from her bio.Alma Elizabeth Deutscher (born February 2005 in Basingstoke) is an English composer, pianist and violinist.At age five, she compo...
On Tuesday I called the Lee Animal Control place and inquired as to the status of our adoption of Juliet. Juliet, the abandoned cat of Irene H., a woman in her 90s who was taken to a facility, and now...
Our water meter was leaking, so Ed called the water company and they are working on it. They started two hours ago, it is late in the afternoon, and the water is off. I guess I can cobble up dinner wi...
I have friends whose houses are masterpieces of organization and elegance. Not our house.The cats complicate things because we must drape some of the furniture. And because we have a leather loveseat ...
My sleep pattern is weird these days, I rarely get to sleep before 2 a.m. My last move of the night is to put in eye drops for dry eye. I was more tired than usual, Ed already asleep. I sat down at m...
Amazing Grace was on TV a couple of times this week. It assumes wretchhood and the melody is boring. Whenever we have an emotional event, someone drags this thing out and a pop star sings it and peopl...
Well, there were the four of us and about once a month we’d meet at a restaurant for lunch and trade stories. Sometimes our conversations would get so animated that other diners would stop eating an...
My sleep pattern has gone awry and I find myself getting to bed about 2 a.m.. While I am fuzting away at the computer, my mind is buzzing and I remember old slights and humiliations and wish I could r...