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Retired from the New York Times. Non-professional ballet dancer creaking through private workouts, serious classical pianist, sketch artist of sorts, fulminator on issues, in-your-face essays, feisty but manageable. Mostly a nice person. From time to time, a fanged, shaggy carnivore.

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Hello children. I feel totally able to call you that because I am going to be 91 in two weeks. I know, it’s a bummer but way better than the alternative. The good news is I still look like my avatar...
My daughter Laura, and fiancé, Robert, were here for 5 days, leaving at 4 a.m. on the 28th. I got up to see them off. They were super helpful while here. Laura and I had a thing going – periodicall...
hello dear bloggersIt has been a long time since I have posted. Life’s events have overwhelmed me. Ed has congestive heart failure, a pacemaker that is dicey, a port installed that allows his chest ...
To all my blog pals, Here is my tale of woe. Ed is so very ill (congestive heart failure, very weak) that he does not expect to live very long and has been making plans for how I am to proceed without...
Sorry to be out of touch. I’ve had my hands full taking care of Ed. And last week he had to make an emergency trip to the hospital. He’s still there. They drained his lungs, they did tests, he wil...
I WAS WORKING WITH AN OLD COMPUTER – Ed says 10 years old – I’m thinking more like 15. Anyway, the tower was making noises and I thought if I didn’t get a new computer, my old one would keel o...
It’s been a while since I’ve Posted. I have been preoccupied with my daughter, and Ed, who is recovering from a triple heart bypass which has improved his mood no end, and, yes, that’s irony. Th...
The best news -- I've heard from Eddie and he says he has updated my e mail. He is okay. (I was worried about him.)A couple of months ago the burners on our GE Profile stove top went kaput. What I mos...
Hello all, I have changed my e mail and notified MyBloggers and I am not gettingn notification of your postings, so if I want to know what you all are up to, I have to go to each blog. I messaged Eddi...
I got a letter from my first cousin Tom today. He has been researching the family triggered by a story his late mom (my mother’s sister) told him. My great great great grandmother, Eleni, was sister...
Ed was released from rehab about 6 weeks ago. He is improving, drives himself to see people, manages with a cane, his mood fluctuates, I am super wife because that’s what it takes. Our friend, Solve...
I’ve been busyOn May 5th, Ed had open heart surgery, a triple bypass, and a pacemaker was installed. He had a great doctor, had it done at Health Park, premier heart hospital member of the Lee Healt...
This morning I heard a growl in the living room, located Max who was growling at Tyler, who was carefully harboring a bird in his mouth. I caught Tyler, made him drop the bird, it flew out of sight. T...
Alert: A desperate timeI needed to find some writing I had done so I checked the cabinet in Ed’s office and found a file, 4 inches thick in which I had saved the letters, some ten pages long, that I...
My daughter Laura is the director of a library in Blauvelt, New York, near "the city". Recently the library had to switch e mail systems, so, of course, she wrote a poem about it. Here t is.Ode to an ...