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Life & Events > Out of the Woodwork, Chapter 2

Out of the Woodwork, Chapter 2

hello dear bloggers

It has been a long time since I have posted. Life’s events have overwhelmed me. Ed has congestive heart failure, a pacemaker that is dicey, a port installed that allows his chest to be drained of fluids twice a week. Despite being on oxygen he couldn’t breathe last week. The port needed draining, no nurse was available. We called the EMTs and they took him to the ER. They drained his chest. Several hours later, he was released and I drove him home. It was stress squared. Maggie-super-nurse came the following day and drained him again. He’s wheelchair dependent so I get him everything he needs. It’s a lot.

Update on Sol, the Lithuanian friend who got her nursing degree while living with us. We helped her with her studies. A while back she left and moved in with her boyfriend, 17 years older. The age difference did bother her but the relationship was gangbusters – until it wasn’t. He resented her time spent at the hospital (WTF?) Didn’t believe her if she had to work late. Thought she was seeing someone else. Started accusing her right and left. Resented it if she wanted to see friends. He started being verbally abusive. He used to be very nice. What happened? So she’s moving back with us and he’s giving her a deadline as in “get out now.” She’ll sleep on the floor with a mattress while Laura, my daughter, and her guy, Robert, are here. They get here tomorrow night and will stay 5 days. I am thrilled to be seeing them again.

I had a breast biopsy a couple of weeks ago. They said have the calcifications removed because they’re “high risk”. The practitioner at the oncologist’s office said, not necessary – we’ll check you every 6 months. No problem. I am not eager to have general anesthesia. Meanwhile, follow up after the biopsy was draconian – OMG, don’t get it wet. OMG, don’t lift anything, OMG take Tylenol for the pain that will ensue after the local wears off. OMG OMG OMG. Well, guess what folks, maybe it’s the 31 push-ups I do every day, but I HAD NO PAIN. Sheesh, these people are bafuckingnanas. Or maybe they’re dealing with really weak people.

Das ist my story for now.

Love to you all, it’s been too long, Teal

posted on July 22, 2022 9:08 AM ()


Ted is in a wheel chair most of the time, always unsteady if we go out. The opthamologist tells me I can't see well enough to drive and Ted inforces that. His car has driver assist. So he is still a good driver. The joys of aging. I am with you on the general anasthesia, I always think of Joan Rivers. Stay strong and be careful. Sending love and best wishes.
comment by elderjane on July 24, 2022 3:22 AM ()
Ed was driving well and does well if he is not trying to walk, so sitting in the car was not a problem. However, the Toyota Highlander we now own has the emergency brake on the driver's side (our old car, it was in the center). So I asked what if you had an episode while driving? He said, well, you put your hand on the brake (on the floor) etc., etc. Whoa, says I. That doesn't sound do-able at all. In any case, when he has doctor dates, he gets someone to drive him.
reply by tealstar on July 26, 2022 9:27 AM ()
Jeez. I’m going to start doing pushups. Everything you do obviously makes you able to manage things that are beyond a lot of us. I’m happy to hear Sol is going to be there, along with your daughter; this sounds like wonderful company. Best wishes to Ed and for his comfort.
comment by drmaus on July 23, 2022 1:57 PM ()
Even though it's harder these days, I do ballet stretches and the push-ups and I do exercises for feet. I have a checklist so I don't forget anything. Nothing gets easier. Yes, if you exercise, you will endure. hugs. Teal
reply by tealstar on July 26, 2022 9:24 AM ()

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