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A writer, waiter, fat fighter, theatre and movie going happy positive Pollyanna who believes there is good in everyone--I speak my mind and say how I feel--I see this as an asset, some don't. I consider myself one of the happiest, richest and luckiest people in the world!

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(And short review of Bruce Springsteen)My inclination is to write 2 different reviews regarding "Blinded by the Light" with the first being about Bruce Springsteen and his music while the second would...
One morning you wake up and everywhere you look there are scooters. They are on the corner, laying down on neighbor's lawns, blocking sidewalks, etc. And to think just 'yesterday' they were used as t...
Please read this first (in today's Sun-Sentinel) I was in the rest...
There are some actresses that even when quiet still are acting up a storm and you can almost hear what they are thinking and Cate Blanchett is certainly one of those. In "Where's You Go, Bernadette" ...
The main reason for seeing "The Kitchen" is if you really like the 3 actresses who star in the film. The one who impressed me the most was Elisabeth Moss who I have seen now and then but not her accl...
During a recent discussion with neighbors this was brought up: Am I just lucky??? Or smart?? I have AT&T for my IP and never have a problem. I also cut the cable and bought an indoor antenna, order n...
doesn't rant!I am not a snob when it comes to food as I will eat anywhere, anything, at any time but I prefer full service restaurants followed by fast casual restaurants and, finally, fast food place...
As effective as "The Farewell" is on the huge movie screen I think it will be even more effective on the television screen. It is what use to be called a 'small' film but in reality it covers a lot o...
50 weeks of the year I have to depend on uber, lyft, cabs, TOPS (A county service) or insurance car rides to and from doctors! The other two weeks of the year Allen goes to visit his daughter, and tw...
The only reasons to see Tarantino's latest movie are the really alive performance by Brad Pitt, the red Rottweiler Brandy and a scene where Margot Robbie, playing Sharon Tate, watches herself on the ...
The 'new' Gateway is almost complete--just missing a few bushes! I give the owners credit for making the inside of the apartments really modern with new kitchen and bathroom cabinets, new hurricane w...
Someone asked me a question about my restaurant reviews and this is what I answered--hopefully it will help and not add to the inquirer's confusion. Welcome to Fort Lauderdale in Broward County where...
Water, water everywhere without a drop to drink! Thursday morning I received an alert message, not only on my phone but also on my Internet email, stating that Fort Lauderdale and a few surrounding ci...
The second time in a week that I was to a restaurant in a location that has failed before, the dish I had was excellent but everything else was either blah or downright not good. We had other plans b...
In 1994 I saw the animated film of "The Lion King" and was impressed. I was even more impressed seeing the Broadway musical version 3 times including just this past May 9, 2019, in Miami and each tim...