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I stopped blogging after my blog was cut pasted and used against me by internet trolls. After all these years they continue their attacks. Question is dont they have something better to do than try to...
Well, it's been a while, but all is well. Feb. 26th is my last day. I can't wait. I'm so ready to leave and start the rest of my life. I'm booked on a cruise to the Caribbean with a couple of friends ...
Happy New Year. Facing much this year. Finally will become one of those retired people. I cant wait. Anyway its officially 2016. May this year bring you health and happiness. Love your friends your fa...
I fell. Broke one shoulder/ one humorous. Have been recuperating . Trying to come back. Went to Europe with students and parents. Am exhausted , but visiting back. So how that for a nutshell ? ...
Hi guys. You know I'm a seasonal blogger. Don't do it much any more. Partly its due to time, partly to my fear of trolls. So I will come by and leave a few not to personal words. I tried a different b...
So there was this female business executive who was late for a meeting. She is going 65 on a street where the speed limit is 40. A cop pulls her over and says “ma’am, can I please see you...
I can post these because I'm a blonde! A blonde was speeding in a 25 mile per hour residental zone when a local police cruiser pulled her over. The female police officer who walked up to the car also ...
I came here innocently a long time back. I was listed at that time under another name. Because of internet trolls and the case that my family was involved in, my words were taken out of context and us...
Okay, so obviously I must be gay because I LOVE GRITS!  THIS IS THE DUMBEST THING I'VE EVER READ!  LOL  *this instance of MUTHAFUQQINSCIENCE is brought to you by sarcasm and the le...
So sorry I've been neglectful. Ive been away so long surprised if anyone remembers me. Big summer lots of traveling. Right now just sitting here relaxing finally reached the weekend. TGIF shying away ...
Today after an up and down battle with lymphoma, my sweet kitty Sheba crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She was Sammys cat for those who remember My Rotyie Samson. After our cat Caleb passed in his sleep, S...
Just wanted to drop by and say hello. Today I'm 39 ...again and remembered all the wonderful birthdays we had on MyBloggers. To those I don't see a huge hello. Have a wonderful Sunday. ...
Hi to all my buddies. I am alive and very happy right now. I have both sons home for Hanukkah and for Thanksgiving. I'm having so much fun getting ready to cook two big meals Wednesday and Thursday. I...
I'm so bad about this now. Dumb, right? Well, school started and I've been non stop busy ever since. I was moved out of my old moldy room (they are renovating the school) into a fabulous new building ...
Generous lawyer A local United Way office realized that the organization had never received a donation from the town's most successful lawyer. The person in charge of contributions called him to persu...