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found my bloogers again --i thought it had finished ...
forecast is for showers next few days , wont hold my breath though , where i live seems to miss it though it could be teeming down a few ks away , even have to have a tv booster on our antennae yet ot...
3.30 am --woken up with an almighty clash of thunder which made the window rattle , a few more followed with lightening flashes, well i was truly awake so went outside to see the light show and it was...
Well here we are again same place different name, so all's wellNot much happening in my neck of the woods , i'm as well as can be expected ,at last no doctors to see , only thing wrong is my sugar , w...
TAXI FAREWhen driving a taxi in Pt Augusta I picked up a fare to Adelaide from the train that had come from Alice Springs,he paid the full fare for the two hundred miles and told me he wanted to go to...
1942----- as a 5year old when you went into a shop the adverts for chocolates and lollies were still up on the walls but none were available owing to the war .Menze who made these in Adelaide had thei...
Bush Mechanic According to Coogie who always handles the truth carelessly this is true I was delivering the mail he said and my old Dodge engine started vibrating and misfiring, seemed to be running ...
The weather man was spot on today gale force winds -rain and hail --temp down to 5c --below average for sure- with spring only 22 days away the sooner its here the better. Have had a virus of some sor...
Mr Beerworth arranged for me to go bankrupt after this episode in 1962.Was in debtors court being examined by a Mrs Oriely , who had previously had a court order against me that i pay ten shillings a ...
TEN DOLLAR BETHotel fishing club was on an outing, Kevin and Ken had previously wagered 10 dollars who would catch the first fish, they had taken up separate locations and were hard at it .Shortly aft...
Sunday afternoon still cold and high winds blowing another day cooped up , i need a few things from the supermarket but not urgent, the same tomorrow will get daughter Kym to shop for me .Cath is busy...
THE GHOST OF ALGEBUCKNACrews when working the old narrow gauge train line between Marree to Alice Springs, worked in pairs , one crew sleeping for 7 hours and then they would change over and continue...
G'DAY -Long time since i'v been in MyBloggers, was looking up a W C Beerworth and a blog on mybloggers from 2002 came up so i thought i'd pop in and say hello.Alls well in my neck of the woods, at 81 ...
Merry xmas and a happy prosperous new year to you and yours... it worksfamous Aussie narration ----there are a lot of better versions...