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We have some vacation rental cabins and trout fishing on the Big Thompson River in Northern Colorado, but that's our hobby. Mostly, we are retired.

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We are coming up on the 10th anniversary of our devastating flood. It was caused by tropical storm moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, and this weekend we are in a similar weather pattern, so everyone i...
Tonight I'm looking at old blogs on this site. There used to be so many of us, and I recognize about 20% of the names. It's interesting to explore from different directions, clicking on various Channe...
April 2nd. A lovely time of year for a birthday....
Blue Apron is a delivery service that sends you a box of pre-portioned meal ingredients, with recipes: meal kits.A friend sent me an invite to take advantage of a 'three free meals from Blue Apron' of...
The western states are basking in the warmth. It's 10 to 20 degrees warmer than usual for this time of year in Las Vegas, and late last year we went 118 days without any precipitation at all. In Color...
There are four occasions that are must-do events at our house, and they revolve around my cousin Betsy. They are: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Betsy's birthday at the end of January, and the Super Bowl. T...
I designed this tee shirt to sell to my fellow canyon residents who are chafing under the tyrannical thumb of the 17 - 18 hours a day of highway closure when we can't get to/from our own homes. This i...
I subscribe to several federal government news lists, and this came today from the Federal Trade Commission. It's legit - but it's easy to picture how years from now we'll be seeing spammy Facebook an...
We are so accustomed to seeing dialog/boxes error messages popping up on our computer screens that come from our computers, sometimes people have a hard time telling the difference between one of thos...
This morning we were talking about whether we remember pain - the literature says that we remember an injury that caused pain so we can learn to avoid future risky behavior. But recalling that a bee s...
Things are not going well for my neighbors in Colorado and I would be very frustrated if I was there. For some reason the post office there has been closed half of the time it's supposed to be open, a...
My cousins who remember her well tell me that my oldest sister Mary, who was born three years before me, was the nicest, sunniest little girl and everybody loved her. My two older sisters, Mary on the...
My mother grew up in the Four Corners area of Colorado, near Indian reservations. Her parents had a trading post where they sold meat, fruit from their orchards, vegetables from their garden, and basi...
Up until the fall of 2017, Senior Citizens could obtain a life-time pass to all of the national parks for $20. The price was being raised to $80, and there was a big rush to get one at the lower rate....
After that horrible mass shooting in October, we have to wonder how Las Vegas plans to keep people safe for the New Year's Eve celebration. Thousand of people crowd Las Vegas Boulevard, which is lined...