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"Good is better than Evil, 'cause it's Nicer!" -- Mammy Yokum

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Okay, this is something not earth-shattering — not even earth-nudging — to most people. But anyone who goes online should take note of it.If you tend to do a lot of Google searches, you might want...
In the men's room of the Main Street Station casino in downtown Las Vegas is a piece of the Berlin Wall, and urinals are attached to it. I guess this could be seen as an apt commentary on what the Ber...
Some things said in a discussion amongst domainers today, all in the comment section of a blog:— You’re allowed to offer a discount to Nazis if you want — In Hawaii if you are Japanese be carefu...
Eyesight is a wonderful thing. Mine changed for the worse all of a sudden and it was driving me crazy how blurry things were. Too much work on computer probably helped accelerate this. I tried changin...
There hasn’t been much rain lately, so it has been costing less to keep the lawn mowed. I made the mistake, a couple of weeks ago, of pulling vines from the rock wall with bare hands, and discovered...
We in domain sales pretty much predicted it: Epik, the registrar whose owner I’ve mentioned before, has just accepted the domain name for the site 8Chan, which left its old registrar because they ex...
Sometimes you get lightning inside your house. That happened yesterday after the landlord installed a defective sump pump that began sending small explosions through the electrical system of the entir...
Spent the day being confused by technology. Finally my amazon echo plays Latin music when I demand, reads me NPR news, and other tricks. But my apple accounts… it’s still not clear why I’m recei...
Today was a nasty reminder to always follow a proper locking up of everything at home — all your doors of course, and your car even when you’re right inside — and never, ever deviate from that r...
My landlord, his co-owner brother, and more workers have been fixing things here since yesterday morning. They are catching up for a decade’s worth of neglect on what I think is their oldest propert...
In maybe a month I will see if life has gotten any easier. My 2 coworkers and I just finished a short writing course aimed at online marketers, and we all managed to hit the deadline for each daily as...
I’m definitely not trying to do like Martin does and review shows, but sometimes the series I watch make me want to write about them. Recently I binge-watched “Call The Midwife.” I watched an ep...
Lately my first meal tends to be a salad. I’ve lost the taste for shakes because the kind I need to make is green, and drinking green lumpy stuff, especially in the morning, is not appealing anymore...
I’m waiting to reach my coworkers and secure an account that was apparently hacked, so I’m a bunch of nerves. I don’t think the hacker got very far, but still. It makes me feel better to see ani...
Due to its being allergy season, and the oak trees’ blooming stuff is still around, I’ve been in an antihistamine daze. It causes me to need to sleep in the middle of the day; I sleep several hour...