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"Good is better than Evil, 'cause it's Nicer!" -- Mammy Yokum

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Woke up the other day with several eye floaters in my way, those stupid spots & lines in your eyes. Since I seldom if ever notice getting those, I looked up what the meaning of it might be. Apparently...
Mental wishes out to Martin for recovery....Man of many friends.Today I need to buy a bunch of notebooks, because I find I have to keep a diary of my friend Mike’s health and … general wellness, I...
What a nice sunny day to live like vermin within the confines of our country, doing anything possible to destroy America!Not to mention the American Dream. I'm dancing around because I was told my med...
During the Covid lockdown, I rediscovered sewing and how much I like doing it. I began by making a couple of tote bag sorts of purses out of cut-up shirts, lined with old cotton scraps. I loved the id...
I’ll bet I’m not the only person needing an emergency plumber today, after the last few days of crazy temperatures. A pipe burst in my pantry, must have been spraying for a good while be...
This holiday season seems fraught with perils, both family and from the outer world. We don’t know what to do about meeting up, in my family, yet. It is a delicate and unnerving situation, deal...
Rules1. Never order from an Amazon seller without checking their ratings AND profile. (I normally do this, but...)2. Remember about Amazon customer service chat and the phrase “A-Z Guarantee Cla...
Just trying to get health care is so stressful it’ll give you more symptoms. This weekend my youngest sister has been in the hospital — she’s better now, and will be going home so...
Those dinosaur tracks in the Texas riverbed, exposed by the drought and disappearing Paluxy River? My BIL the retired paleontologist identifies those as an Acrocanthosaurus. (He wrote a book on these....
On Sunday I met up with my sisters and had brunch at a beautiful gardening place with cafe, and got to talk for hours with them. Afterwards, my sister’s husband mentioned that back in the early...
For my oldest sister’s sake, who had cancer surgery earlier in the year, I have tried to notice what is written about Covid. Apparently we’re a little bit better off than we were awhile ...
I have needed something to laugh at, recently, and popular comedies are often not funny to me at all. So the Prime Video streaming of Dark Shadows sounded just the thing. I never saw this decades ago ...
Seven out of the last 8 rain/thunderstorms have passed without raining, and the neighborhood looks like a drought region. Since nobody on my street really waters their lawn, we all have dying patches ...
You never know… I’ve been starving for a domain sale, and just discovered that one, a man was trying to buy from us, is the name of a cryptocurrency that’s now trending somewhere e...