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"Good is better than Evil, 'cause it's Nicer!" -- Mammy Yokum

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Got a very unusual card from my BIL's brother, whose sense of humor is like a New Yorker cartoon -- subtle, sometimes Martian. Anyway, the picture is of an old CRT computer with keyboard, and the capt...
Last week I got together with 3 of my 4 sisters for a birthday, and it was wonderful because of how long it's been. And I heard from my long-lost youngest sister out in Utah too. The world is differen...
It should be remembered that people are still dying. My sister, in hospital records, told me that in Allegheny County (greater Pittsburgh) this week, 100 people died of Covid-19. That’s a terrible n...
The bears around here stay deep inside the woods. It's much cooler and nicer there, I guess. But when one strays, a major public service announcement happens, warning everyone.This is supposed to be h...
I haven't gotten my ballot yet, and it has to be received by the election office by Tuesday, and postmarks don't count. It was with difficulty that I was finally able to discover whether my county was...
There’s a very trashy corner down the road I'd like to go out and pick up trash from, but due to traffic should only be navigated on foot very early and I haven't solved the sleep problem to wake up...
It’s after nine, so I hereby dub this the cheap champagne hour. The last three days call out for it, and that’s what I happen to have, so… It was yesterday that one sister decided to drop by wit...
I feel like a sheep, sometimes, because anything I get interested in doing or making was long ago discovered by a million idiots online. Aprons, for instance. They’re actually a huge designer item n...
Ran across the song The Liar Tweets Tonight, a retweet in Jim Carrey's feed: Twitter.com/JimCarrey and I found myself listening to it 3 times in a row. Made me feel better, all the people singing it a...
Actually I've been quite entertained lately with images online, revisiting my favorites like the ones from the twitterfeed Poorly Drawn Cats --and she seems to have branched out into Poorly Drawn Dogs...
Hearing Trump’s ideas on what the doctors should try next on Covid — aiming UV-C lights at one’s body, and injecting disinfectant into people — I was amused and horrified at the same time. He...
A good quality of family is to forget quickly: Forget the words that happened on the phone with the ultra-right-wing sister, so you can stay civil and have a nice talk about other things entirely. It ...
My friend Mike is sending me a pulse oximeter so I can check my blood oxidation; and he sent me to Wyze.com to find a thermometer, since I don’t have one. There are some wonderful health gadgets aro...
Wash hand style in covid-19 time! from r/funny...
I’d better get back to my writing group and start constructively critiquing fiction, because lately I’m aiming my writer focus on domain bloggers -- who are the very worst writers of all. Their po...