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"Good is better than Evil, 'cause it's Nicer!" -- Mammy Yokum

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*If you don't like reading about electricity, you can skip or skim all this!Just had my first electrical outage of the season, which always helps remind me to prepare for the next ones. But this one w...
Let’s see… my great-grandmother died of complications from an illegal abortion around the year 1900. It even said this was the cause of death, on her death certificate. She was married but her hus...
Remember not to stand on chairs to reach things, and absolutely never climb to reach something when you’re not wearing good tread footwear, and the chair is slippery wood. Chairs aren’t meant to b...
Yesterday I spent hours trying to renew a single domain name that is held in a Spanish registry. The .es website, Dominios.es, translates into English but this doesn’t help. It still doesn’t tell ...
I was immediately intrigued when I saw a couple of articles about how two "tech bros" purchased the domain name Knitting.com, and their remarks about the knitting community put that community up in ar...
Here goes with news from the world of domains, which probably is very dull, but it’s what I know about…The 2nd-largest registrar in the world, Namecheap, recently announced it will not allow Russi...
These days it seems as though I’m sitting waiting here for an all-clear, as if the world was on fire and we had to wait for it to be put out. When am I getting out of here?And it snowed again, so I...
I’m peeking out the front door periodically, wondering how long this predicted snowfall will take. It’s supposed to be anywhere from 6 to 12 inches over the next 24 hours. Started at 3pm today. So...
I haven't heard other people talk about a problem that several of my family go through at Christmas. It's a phobia about gift-giving. One sister announces each year that she doesn't want us to get her...
I am thinking of next year and what projects I’d like to begin. My business’s websites are mostly gone, some so old they can’t really be repaired, but my webmaster can’t spare all the time nee...
My friend Mike is kind of a specialist at finding excellent products, and tells me about them. He should write a column about them. (He used to predict Apple products, and I even earned a little money...
Egad. There are so many warnings now about phthalates in plastic, and since it contributes seriously to breast cancer, and there’s so much of that in my immediate family, that I decided to take some...
It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and no wonder. Nothing really happens and life is very isolating. Well, it’s not true that nothing happens, just nothing good; had some family emergencie...
Lately I’m fighting a general weakness, and inability to sleep when I need to. Once your circadian rhythms are mixed up, it’s hard to get your sleep schedule back. Right now I can’t sleep at nig...
While I wasn’t feeling great my memory decided to plague me with vague recollections, which I felt driven to explore. This will get tedious, I'm sure.... like listening to someone drone on about the...