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"Good is better than Evil, 'cause it's Nicer!" -- Mammy Yokum

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It’s been … a conflicted time, lately. My father, whom I broke off contact with many years ago, died, and for some reason arranged to be buried up here although his home was in Alabama. I have to ...
Apparently I am attending my father’s funeral in a week, after all. I didn’t want to but my sisters and brother are mostly attending and I will get to see my older brother for the first time in ag...
Donald Trump inspires histrionics and hyperbolic language when you need to talk about him. Most lefty columnists online seem to have fallen into this vein at some point or other. It’s the only way t...
Dr. Rachel Levine was announced to be a pick for HHS deputy secretary, and I’m happy because now it seems very clear to me that Biden is choosing really talented people. Dr. Levine is from my state ...
Some items in the news that Mike (who is a voracious and fast reader) told me, that I hadn’t seen at first:Mike Pence’s wife and kids were in the Capitol Building at the time it was breached, and ...
I read that Trump is hosting a big New Year’s Eve party at Mar-a-Lago, to which he sells tickets. Ticket prices might be close to $1,000 or something. During this pandemic upsurge. Ha ha ha ha ha ha...
The winter storm dumped around a foot of snow in a little over 24 hours, so I am quite tired. Normally I’d take a little more time to shovel myself out, but I was scheduled for jury duty for Thursda...
I worry about what Trump might do to exact revenge, in his last days in office. He already pardoned 1 war criminal some time ago, who might come later?In his last days -- hours, even -- in office, Jim...
In case you are home crying under your bed, I will tell you that Pennsylvania is still in play, although T is “leading.” Here, everyone was STRONGLY and repeatedly encouraged to vote by mail, beca...
Martin’s reports of what he likes in the latest streaming shows reminded me of the show I watched all the way through a season, then had to watch over again because I fall asleep towards the end of ...
Pennsylvania's having a really confusing time with the election so it is worrying. I've received at least 4 applications to get a mail-in ballot, and tons of flyers about voting -- urging me to vote, ...
Some things I read recently — Only a few animals are known to recognize themselves in a mirror: humans, other great apes, dolphins, elephants, bees, and magpies.Magpies recognize people fairly well ...
Easy BooksI like to find possible origins of recent science fiction stories, and Stephen King in particular is a favorite of mine, although sometimes I get contentious about what he’s doing. For one...
We are soon to see more deliberate and grotesque mismanagement of the federal system that I feel terrible for our country. It’s as if an 8-year-old were attempting to play president.Trump should be ...
Be careful of wearing out your car windows; I just found out what a new window regulator costs to install. The same day I was taking my car home after getting some repairs for inspection, on the way h...