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"Good is better than Evil, 'cause it's Nicer!" -- Mammy Yokum

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When I was a kid I mostly ignored the Dick Tracy cartoon strip because it contained such unpleasant grotesques as villains (at this time I think my preference was for silver age Superman, Batman), but...
(I recommend you skip reading this if you do not want to read about electronics.)I have “prezzies.” Presents, I mean. A new computer, and a new Apple TV. The Apple TV is how I watch movies and sho...
I'm going to guess that yes, there will be a State of the Union speech made before both houses of Congress, because I don't think that's the fight the Democrats want to have. They will stand aside and...
Just staying inside today. I refuse to shovel snow right now. I've been updating a large website database. I should be writing articles, but feel a little too lethargic for it yet. My house is crying ...
Preparing for a possible storm here. Tomorrow around noon some snow will be falling but they can’t guess really how much. Possibly 5-8 inches. Then rain on top of that, and then snow again on top of...
Christmas at my sister’s turned out nice, and it is so gratifying when your cooking turns out well — especially when you’re an untalented cook. Everyone stayed away from dangerous subjects like ...
First the car had troubles in the front: The hood release lever came loose from the cable, so I couldn’t open the hood. (Yes, that happened a while back and I delayed fixing it. Good thing I'd had a...
I found what I’m calling a Happiness shirt that I bought for my sister’s husband for Christmas. An artist just posted on Reddit a recent painting of his, and it was so wildly colorful and funny I ...
I just checked the outage maps that West Penn Power has for its customers, and the one flagged right by my friend Brian's road says: 1-20 customers affected, Cause: tree damage; and the estimated repa...
The snowstorm that hit so suddenly on Thursday affected me only slightly, had to sweep some snow, but for my friend Brian an hour and a half away, the power was knocked off... and still, 3 days later,...
It's been a long day, but not over yet. It's dark already too. I kind of feel like --Legal stuff, money stuff. Ouch....
Chrome can be goofy sometimes. On all the other site pages the avatars are round, except for this one, which is now 3/4 of a pie. Not that important, really. On Safari it looked to be fixed, with ful...
The voting machines in my area have some drawbacks, other than the huge one: that there is no paper backup of the votes in PA. The machine was a little confusing to use, because you cast all your vote...
I’ve been binge-watching the final season of House of Cards on Netflix, and it’s a crazy, unreal season solving the mystery of what happened to Frank Underwood. Robin Wright’s cool mask of a fac...
My place is like a cargo section of a train station, boxes everywhere. So I have to concentrate on getting stuff out. Scrap metal is out by the curb, but no one has responded to the ad I put up about ...