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"Good is better than Evil, 'cause it's Nicer!" -- Mammy Yokum

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Wash hand style in covid-19 time! from r/funny...
I’d better get back to my writing group and start constructively critiquing fiction, because lately I’m aiming my writer focus on domain bloggers -- who are the very worst writers of all. Their po...
During the couple of weeks I was sick, I didn’t realize how little I was moving — just coughing. It’s left me so weak it isn’t funny. I seem to have strength every other day, maybe. The sun to...
My brother-in-law had his 2nd hip surgery, and is recovering at his usual lightning pace at home. His surgeon sends patients home the same day if possible, because their infection rates stay much lowe...
I was curious about the 1918 flu and found some interesting notes.In 1918, records on Minneapolis and St. Paul show both cities were following a kind of haphazard strategy of closure of public places ...
Amazon is deliberately slowing or stopping certain nonessential orders, to get food and pharmacy orders filled faster. That’s good. I see CVS now has thermometers in the store, I should get one. The...
I’d started gathering some supplies (cleaning products, some canned food) for a friend who said there was no bleach in his area, but now can’t deliver them. It isn't likely to be coronavirus but I...
It may be that the coronavirus will not hit my area too hard, and maybe I won’t be affected at all. But other areas aren’t so lucky. Last night I was realizing how fortunate it is to have a house ...
It may be another year or two before I get a dog again, and a move to another neighborhood. Last night convinced me to take my walks in the daylight only. I live on a small enclosed block which is rem...
I don’t know how I completely missed reading about this Pittsburgh theft, which was discovered about a year and a half ago … but all the news is being repeated, because the 2 men charged with it a...
I need the holiday spirit to descend on me. Aside from some fun ordering online, it’s been a tangle of stressed-out people, and I just found out China’s internet blocks Yahoo email addresses. This...
My sister took me to see The Nutcracker at Pittsburgh Ballet Theater at Benedum Center. I loved it, with all the kids in colorful, satiny dresses in the home scenes — and then later, tiny ones dress...
Things you do only rarely can be fun. Recently I started baking a little bit, and a pineapple-honey coffeecake turned out really well. I think I’ll get some silicone muffin cups to bake in because t...
This happened the other day on a downtown street in Pittsburgh. A sinkhole opened up suddenly in the street. Luckily, only the driver and one passenger were on it at the time. The street will be clos...
Because online information is something that has to be interpreted, no matter how straightforward it seems, and you can easily be wrong about the whole thing, I’ve has some interesting mysteries pop...