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"Good is better than Evil, 'cause it's Nicer!" -- Mammy Yokum

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I haven't heard other people talk about a problem that several of my family go through at Christmas. It's a phobia about gift-giving. One sister announces each year that she doesn't want us to get her...
I am thinking of next year and what projects I’d like to begin. My business’s websites are mostly gone, some so old they can’t really be repaired, but my webmaster can’t spare all the time nee...
My friend Mike is kind of a specialist at finding excellent products, and tells me about them. He should write a column about them. (He used to predict Apple products, and I even earned a little money...
Egad. There are so many warnings now about phthalates in plastic, and since it contributes seriously to breast cancer, and there’s so much of that in my immediate family, that I decided to take some...
It’s been a long time since I’ve posted, and no wonder. Nothing really happens and life is very isolating. Well, it’s not true that nothing happens, just nothing good; had some family emergencie...
Lately I’m fighting a general weakness, and inability to sleep when I need to. Once your circadian rhythms are mixed up, it’s hard to get your sleep schedule back. Right now I can’t sleep at nig...
While I wasn’t feeling great my memory decided to plague me with vague recollections, which I felt driven to explore. This will get tedious, I'm sure.... like listening to someone drone on about the...
My friend M is still in Cali, Colombia, where there are ongoing protests against the new tax that people there can hardly afford, where the average monthly income a few years ago used to be only $200 ...
Last Friday I received my 2nd vaccination, and felt fine until later in the evening. Then suddenly every muscle I owned hurt, even my fingers ached, and I felt sick to my stomach. This lasted until ea...
This Friday I get my 2nd vaccine shot. The first one was painless, in fact I wondered momentarily if the nurse had just pretended to inject me (can’t imagine why a nurse would want to pretend, but t...
Keeping up with some Twitter posts for work, I ran across an odd thing a bunch of actors seem to love: A show on Youtube called "Hanging With Dr. Z." It had someone playing the old orangutan from Plan...
Without getting into my late brother’s health, I wanted to mention a couple of mysteries surrounding his death. One was his computers. When my older brother came to town a few weeks back, he solved ...
My siblings and I are hoping among my father’s papers are family tree information. For school long ago I had to make a family tree, and my father was very interested and gave me a lot of details on ...
There are these things you can buy -- but only if you know how to buy them: NFT art and other NFT things. They’re digital and are stored on a blockchain (like Bitcoin is) to make each one unique and...
It’s been … a conflicted time, lately. My father, whom I broke off contact with many years ago, died, and for some reason arranged to be buried up here although his home was in Alabama. I have to ...