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yes this is Alfredo My confinement at home will soon be ending. Not sure what is next for me.Full of surprise. Will get a blood test and the Dr.will work it from there I thought for sure at early stag...
Hello everyone ,where have I been.The last few years been on my lot Not sure how long I was there.the money I have earned went to the animal shelter.Then I am starting to get bored with it.I turn at t...
Hello everyone.Merry Christmas. We have a green Christmas.No snow. But plenty of skiing around here. Today is bright and sunny a bit cold but will take it. Was Santa good to you all. Waiting for my gi...
Good afternoon.It is wild and wooly here.All of a sudden the warm weather turn cold.Just in from my walk.I try to get a few to join here.But doubt it.They are looking for money making blog.I hear peop...
Hello every one.Not much news on this end.Nothing I want to bore you with it.How was your Halloween?ours was very quiet.I noticed this year after year.Not much happening as Mike is buckling down the h...
Good afternoon on the cool, cloudy raining Monday.Things are well here.Yes have to go to my oncologist tomorrow.This is weekly to check on my hematology.Then get my weekly shots that I have been getti...
Just popping and checking in on you.Today is our 5th wedding anniversary day.We have been together over forty years.Finally got married and was glad to have this before I pass on later.LOLThing are we...
I know,I know have not been here for quite a spell.I do miss a lot of you here.Then I see you on Facebook.We are doing fine here.Mike and I got married two years ago.Never think that I see the day to ...
Hi Fredo and Mike,Randy wanted me to let you know about his dad passing.Below is the letter that he send to me.You asked about my father the last time we talked. Well, he passed away Sept. 12 at age ...
We will talk later.Have a great day. From the Boys at the School house...
As you all can see.No problems here posting pictures. A few weeks ago or more when we had the last snow storm. Came across this old school picture of mine and thought that it was you in the back.LOL M...
Marge was having problems here as I have not been blogging and wanted to see if I have the same problems as she.We are in a deep freeze and a bit storm to south of us getting hit with huge snow falls...
This has been a good year for both of us.Then a sad one as Buffy pass away and the lost was profound.We got married after 42 years being together and so happy that I was still around to see this.This ...
Here is a bit of information on this.My Christmas present to myself.Let known this a hard to pronounce.Wednesday,I am having surgery on my hand.This is a hard lump forming on my palm.Inability to pla...