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God gave us two ears and one mouth. I listen more than I talk. All of my information is correct to the best of my knowledge and understanding at the moment it is given. One last thing: lifelong postcard collector.

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Hi folks! This is currently my favorite shirt, and it tells you all the things I’ve never said, and explains why I am so rarely online. I love cats, but by virtue of having lived with so many c...
Happy Day, Folks! I'm having a decent day; hope you are too. This is October 2nd, 2022. If I stay sober for ten more days, I will go to a meeting where I'll receive a coin that recognizes my 39 years ...
The energizer Bunny must be envious! I wrote last time that my sister is out of pain. I foolishly assumed that because she had been so long sick, so long dying, that the relief would be my only respon...
My sister Irene, age 78, left Planet Earth yesterday, March 21, 2022, at 1:08 P.M. surrounded by those who loved he. She had struggled with disabilities much of the last 20 years, and Multiple Myeloma...
My sister Irene has entered hospice care. I was apparently in denial. The Nurse would say “Hospice Care” and I would hear “Palliative Care.” She had somewhere between a week an...
Irene is six years my elder, and has had Multiple Myeloma for thirteen years. Yesterday she made the decision to end chemotherapy, and tomorrow she begins palliative care. For much of my life she has ...
Beedith stopped posting when she was diagnosed with Scleraderma. She lived in Santa Clara, California for a few years. Them moved to a suburb of Tucson, Arizona. She converted to Judaism, and was love...
Life is good, despite things that go awry. Last Spring, vandals hired by my Village uprooted and hauled away the beautiful hedgerow that formed a boundary between our property and some vacant land to ...
Hi folks, Amazing as it may seem, I’m here again. I’m now 72 years old, and I’m still alive! I’ve been essentially quarantined at home except or doctors, and visiting my s...
My favorite holiday! My favorite costume ever was a dear friend coming to the party as a turnip!My favorite of my costumes was the year I went as A Gargoyle from Notre Dame in Paris!Tell me about your...
Although at times I feel like a prime target for the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.Life is good. things occasionally are no fun, but grateful I am to be alive. Best wishes to all. Hugs, Stel...
Yes, it is true that I don't visit often any more. Nothing as exciting as being off doing world travel. In a sentence, I'm deteriorating, health-wise. Sitting up is a luxury now.I still check in and r...
Just learning to walk again following a change in my shoe prescription. I shall return. Meanwhile, does anyone know why if my spine is being altered, my arms hurt too?this getting older is not for the...
I remember Sputnik. I remember lying on my back on the soft grass in our back yard with my sisters and parents, watching it travel across the sky.With my Parent's telescope set up on the roof of the h...