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Usually "up-beat" and happy. Love people and dogs and chocolate and God (not in this order). I have 7 grandchildren and four great-grands, with one on the way. Wish I lived close where I could see them every day or so. Like to read, sew, make jewelry, garden and blog and play on Computer. Live with my "younger" sister (83) and our three dogs.

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Didn't know it has been so long since I visit you. So much has happened since April. We finally hqve good help - I am so spoiled by now. Lois does all the cooking, goes grocery shopping when I don't w...
This has been "one more week". My sister's help didn't show up Monday. So, we had to start looking for someone new.Finally settled on a company Wednesday and they sent a nice little lady Thursday. She...
Went to two of my favorite places - Big Lots (for gadgets and junk) and Spiegle (for Style). My poor back almost gave out before I got to the grocery store - good thing they have skooters. Had lots of...
Today is lovely. Just a bit cool and I pulled up the cover about 6 this a.m. Don't need cool or heat ---- the perfect time in the southwest.Will be having lunch with my #3 son today. Don't know when, ...
My daffodils are blooming so pretty this week. They are signal ling that spring might be here pretty soon. Also, I have birds in the chimney. I use the damper closed, so they can't get in the house, b...
We have had unusually cold weather here this week and have more predicted for next week. I covered all my plants that I could, but know I will loose some. My nice grapefruit tree that grew so much las...
Lost my Annie dog early Sunday a.m. She developed Pnuemonia ( can't spell it.) and her little heart gave out. They got her back to normal, but the trachua had collapsed and she could not breath on her...
I have not been able to print for a few days. So today, I took off all the wires and turned it upside down. First to fall out was a disk from a story that I had lost. I can still hear a screw down the...
Doctor released me yesterday and I can now drive again. Also walk with walker for 2 weeks, then to cane for 2 weeks. Then, on my own. So grateful after about 10 weeks of depending on someone else to t...
Shouldn't complain - as my son says there is always someone worse off than you - poorer - sicker, etc. But I have injured the hip to my "good" leg. Now that I can only use one, it is taking too much o...
MY life as a teen-ager was great. Our little group were all so very good and had such innocent fun. Didn't know half what was going on out there in the world. We had parties at one anothers' homes an...
Got up this a.m. to such wonderful cool weather. But it will warm up later. Was hoping it would last, but the weather report says it will warm up.Have not done anything worth talking about. I am in on...
Found my notes of inventions. Would you believe hearing aids in 1923. And a most important one in 1927 - talkies. I can remember going to the movies with my aunt who is only 10 years older than me to ...
Found some pic on the Internet of the courthouse in Cold-springs. It has a fence around it. In those days, most of East Texas let their livestock run free. If you wanted a pretty yard and liked flower...
When I was in the 5th grade, we moved twice - spent a few weeks in that grade in Crockett, Texas. Then on to a very small town of Cold springs, Texas. It was named for the spring that furnished the wa...