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Me,Myself,and I (Rational,and irrational,Just plain CRAZY.)Constantly needing to vent,get advice, so on and so forth..~

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How do you feel about Facebook? ...
ί հαѵε ησ ɕσʍԹʆαίηtς αɓσմt ʆαςt ψεαɾ.յüςt հσԹίηɡ tհίς ɕσʍίηɡ ψεαɾ ίς ας մηεѵεηtƒմʆ. հσԹε εѵεɾψσηε'ς ʍε ψεαɾ ϖας ςα...
I officially hate the old evil bitch across the street. She has poisoned another one of my cats!!! It's horrible. What makes someone get up and say oh I think I'll put poison on the porch because I ha...
Wow it's still here. All these years later. I've forgotten how to blog. Yesterday i went to where I grew up and the mountain, then the grave site. I needed to I also took my 9 the old daughter. It was...
I think I've forgotten how to blog.I 've been on here for a long time is ticking by so fast.It's hard to believe it will be Christmas in the blink of an eye.I need to catch up with everyone o...
      So i have a love hate relationship with facebook.I have someone bugging me and putting really bad stuff on there about me.I think it allows people to be awful.Yet they wouldn't da...
I've been gone for so long.It's good to see that everyone is still here.What a yr it has been.I really miss my mom.This is my first Christmas without her here.I talk to her all the time.Cry to her pic...
What a yr i've had.My mother passed away valentine day,my husband has a girlfriend oh and i lost 67 pounds.My update...
sunny today hey good day watching hoarding wow some people are really bad off.I am a bit of a hoarder but wow not as bad as most on tv.I feel bad for the kids that live it all that clutter....
Where my mom lives there's a yard sale with crazy prices.I found some pants for daughter with a few stains and wanted 4-5 dollars crazy.I would pay 2-3 as long as its a stain I can get out.Oh well I d...
Well i'm on a liquid diet today.Oh and raw veggies.That should only help me out.I see that the pizza that mom got yesterday on the stove,i can smell it to.Oh temptations....
Rainy day.Waiting on the cna to get here at one.I have been upset I weighed myself today and I've gained 5.I've been on a diet for months last month I lost 12 pounds.I was elated.All together I had lo...
I have a constant complaint with the cna.On Sat Sue is a let's just say this is not the job for her ass.I came in behind her leaving and mom's apt was trashed.Mom was asleep,cleaning isn't going to wa...
Me and my husband have been having problems.For awhile.I'm so tired of how things are going.It's hard to fix anything when you don't talk about anything.Talking to me is the key to staying together.It...
My son went to a party with some friends that he hasn't hung out with in awhile.He calls me before 8am to come and get him.I felt sorry for him.He was a little depressed.I tried to explain to him that...