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Old, fat, vain, arrogant,judgemental and one of the funniest human beings on the planet. I am a liberal conservative, or a conservative liberal politicaly, a Catholic by birth but a backslider in practice. I try to write short stories and novels during this my exile in the land of involunary "retirement" and have been known to torture the guitar. I am an unabashed know-it-all and will voice uniformed and idiotic opinions on subjects I know next to nothing about whenever the mood strikes. All are welcome to read, comment on, disagree with, and/or tell me to shove up my ass, the dreck that I write here. reguards yer pontificating pal bugg

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Good Mawnin' Blog Pals:Well, according to the calendar, spring has sprung. March 20th here in Cow Snot was picture perfect....about 60 degrees, blue skies, little wind. Fabulous. Today, a mere 4 days ...
Happy New Year, MyBloggerstown.Well, as I sit here high atop the Shady Pines Senior Complex at about 9am, it is a whole 9 degrees out and snowing. Sigh. And I have to go out later to the Wrong Aid pha...
Howdy, Blog Pals:First, a baby update: Briney Jr. is home and doing well. His latest visit to the pediatrician found him fit as a fiddle and ready for love. No discernable side effects from his rough ...
Briney Jr. is here but there were some complications. He stopped breathing during birth and they had to medivac him to Denver Children's Hospital.  Apparently he was just too large for a normal del...
Niece Jethrene is in the hospital about to give birth. She's been in there since yesterday and as yet Briney Jr. hasn't made his debut. He's is being stubborn. Wonder where he gets that from? (bugg st...
Hey, its another blog from me in under six months...yayy!Well, niece Jethrene has officially began her maternity leave and fam damily has been put on yellow alert. Any minute now things should get und...
Howdy, MyBloggerstown:   Well, all is going ok here in the Zanadoo of the West. Niece Jethrene in extremely preggers and is due to pop any day. Her due date is right around Thanksgiving but ...
Well, how is everyone, blog pals?      So much has happened in the last 6-7 months here in Cowsnot, it might be difficult to remember it all. But here goes:        ...
Howdy do, MyBloggerstown: Well here I am at almost 4 am writing a blog. I have aquired some sort of respiratory ailment, most likely bronchitis, and have been up taking pills, breathing steam, sniffin...
Well, MyBloggerstown, I never want to have a day like yesterday ever again.It all started with a friendly game of Texas Holdem poker in the downstairs lunchroom of the Shady Pines Senior Complex. Just...
Well, its football playoff time, blog pals.  I don't have a dog in the hunt, (i.e. the 'Skins or the Saints).  I just want it to be over and for baseball season to start anew. Meanwhile, back...
I don't know how many of you watch "The Walking Dead" but I am a zombie junkie, as you might expect. Last night it was revealed that Glenn, one of the good guys, did not get chomped by zombies after a...
Good Morning, Blog Pals Well, we finally got a bit of snow. An inch or two, nothing to wet ourselves over...yet. This is only November after all. Watching, rather reading on the innernets about all th...
Hello MyBloggerstown: Yep I am a rabid Game of Thrones fan, dang it all. I am climbing the walls waiting for Season Six to appear on the tube and Season 5 to come out on dvd. It's just sad, a grown wo...
Howdy, MyBloggerstown: Yes, it's that time again here in Cow Snot. Rodeo Days. And the town is crawling with dime store cowboys, crappy drivers,lookie loos and various other varmits. It took me a half...