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Life & Events > Bugg's Semi-annual Check In

Bugg's Semi-annual Check In

Well, how is everyone, blog pals?
      So much has happened in the last 6-7 months here in Cowsnot, it might be difficult to remember it all. But here goes:
        To start with, I am going to be an auntie again. Niece Jethrene and husband Briney are gonna have a baby. Everyone is thrilled but at the same time think they are nuts. They each have children from previous marriages (Briney has a 13 year old daughter and of course Jethrene has Daisy May,11 going on 30, and Jethro, 10).  The baby, whom ultrasound has determined is a boy,) is due right around Thanksgiving.  I think she will go sooner because she's really preggers now and has three months to go. They had the 3-D ultrasound and we got to see his little face. He's all wrinkled and pruney but he's the cutest baby ever. Looks just like me...... hee hee. Anyhoo, they said they wanted to have a child together to sort of bind the two blended families which I 'aspose is a noble goal. We shall see. I've been scoping out cute baby clothes at Wally World, of course.
It's raining here in Cowsnot as I write this. This has been a strange summer. Hotter than a whore house on nickle night one day, colder than a witches tit the next. Lots of respiratory problems here a Shady Pines amoung the elderly. I've been o.k. save for the usual fatigue, arthritis, etc. What a drag it is getting old, as Sir Michael Jaggar sez.
Saw the Academy Award winning film "The Revenant". It was o.k. Action packed with some tear jerking momemts and DiCapprio did a good job but I didn't see anything that cried out major film award. Guess that's why I am not a member of the Academy as I apparently have no judgement as far as fine films are concerned. Am now trying to read the book. I'll let ya know.
We find ourselves once again in the midst of the Silly Season, i.e. the presidential election. How in God's name did we get into this fix? Can we not find any better candidates than these two creeps? Jesus Christ Awmighty!! A Nazi and a slimeball. They should have elected me when I was running. We wouldn't be in this mess. I would've been re-elected and re-elected and that would have been that.
The stupid olympics are finally over (wait....the Stupid Olympics are here..its called the Presidential Elections. See above paragraph). I get so sick of those.  Speaking of sports, my Dodgers are in first place in the NL West, 2 games ahead of the (yuk, pitoo) Giants.  Yay!! Hopefully, they will not choke in the playoffs as they often do, leaving us diehard fans heartbroken yet again.
My baseball card collection is taking shape. I have purchases several vintage cards (i.e. a '68 Don Drysdale, a '74 Bob Gibson, etc.), and several rookies including Greg Maddux, Chipper Jones, Barry Bonds etc. I really do enjoy this and have been watching various Youtube videos learning about grading, value and so forth. 
I've been binge  watching Downton Abbey, Walking Dead, Homeland, and the various incarnations of CSI. Also found the original Dark Shadows and I'm getting into that again. That brings back memories of rushing home from school to watch this in the afternoon when I was a kid. Yes, they did have television then. hee hee.
Well, I guess that's enough for now. Sorry its been so long but I do think of you all daily. I wish I wasn't such a slacker.
Have a good rest of the week everyone.
yer yes, still around pal

posted on Aug 24, 2016 6:26 AM ()


It's too hot for too long upstate! Should be in the 70s and not so humid but no suck luck!
comment by jjoohhnn on Aug 27, 2016 2:32 PM ()
I was tempted to throw my antenae into the ring but the way things are going I don't think anything or anyone can help. Besides the presidential salary (plus bribes, of course) would interfere with my Social Security benefits.

yer greed a-- pal
comment by honeybugg on Aug 26, 2016 6:38 AM ()
I miss Downton Abbey. I miss you, too.
comment by jondude on Aug 25, 2016 5:46 AM ()
I miss all of you too. I can get all 6 seasons of Downton on Amazon Prime. I want to live there....all the money I want, hot and cold running servants and a whole village kissing my ass and calling it ice cream. What a life! And I do love the Dowager Countess. She speaks her mind and the devil take the hindmost.

yer Fifth Duchess of Cow Snot (rawthu) pal
her buggship
reply by honeybugg on Aug 25, 2016 7:23 PM ()
where did you find Dark Shadows? that was a great show. I love the Walking Dead, and I am eagerly waiting for october and the new season. I have been binge watching Grey's Anatomy and feel I could successfully perform a craniotomy (sp) now! good to see you back!
comment by elkhound on Aug 25, 2016 5:32 AM ()
i tried watching fear the walking dead but i just couldn't get into it. i much prefer rick and daryl.
reply by elkhound on Aug 26, 2016 4:30 AM ()
I subscribe to Hulu plus and I get it on there. Do you watch Fear the Walking Dead? It's not as good as the original, in my view.

yer braiiiinnnnnsss pal
reply by honeybugg on Aug 25, 2016 7:30 PM ()
Hard to believe it's been 7 months. Time is passing way to quickly. But you can still put three words together and I can understand them so it's all good!
comment by jjoohhnn on Aug 24, 2016 12:46 PM ()
I don't know where the time goes anymore. How are things upstate? I miss NY so much...'specially when fall is nigh.

yer homesick pal
reply by honeybugg on Aug 25, 2016 7:33 PM ()
It's always wonderful to hear from you, Bugg.
comment by troutbend on Aug 24, 2016 12:41 PM ()
thanx, Troutie. Been meaning to take another trip up to Estes Park but something always comes up. My brother Bubba sez its changed and there's nothing but junk shops there now. But I'd still like to go.

yer stuck in the mud pal
reply by honeybugg on Aug 26, 2016 6:29 AM ()
Glad to get the news from Shady Pines. Ted and I are besotted with our new dog, I HAVE ONE LAST GRANDCHILD in highschool. She is way too
sophisticated to stay with me after school.
comment by elderjane on Aug 24, 2016 12:17 PM ()
we have two in middle school, one will go next year and one the year after that. All four spent the night with me a coupla weeks ago...it was their idea, surprisingly enough. Next year they probably won't want to anymore so I savor it for as long as I can.

yer "wasn't it yesterday when theyyy were smaaaall" pal
reply by honeybugg on Aug 26, 2016 6:33 AM ()
And here I thought you were posting that you have to run against "A Nazi and a slimeball." to get our country in shape!!
comment by greatmartin on Aug 24, 2016 8:02 AM ()
I was tempted to throw my antenae into the ring but the way things are going I don't think it would help. Besides the presidential salary (plus bribes, of course,) would interfere with my Social Security benefits.

yer greedy a-- pal
reply by honeybugg on Aug 29, 2016 4:40 AM ()

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