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You can view my art gallery of paintings. Some are for sale: I'm concerned about the here and the now much more than the promise of paradise. Preaching to me is like talking to stones. - a Boddhisatva ..... "Let the wise person do righteousness: A treasure that others can not share, which no thief can steal; a treasure which does not pass away." Khuddakapatha 8:9

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Proposal for a Constitutional Amendment: If upon the deadline to pass a federal government funding bill the Congress has not submitted the bill to the President for his signature, or, if the President...
TAOS PUEBLO, 16 x 20. ...
My little brother thought he was a chicken. My mom and dad discussed taking him to see a shrink, but they chose not to because we really liked having the free eggs....
We had ten cats in 2016. We lost HOBSTER, 5 1/2 years old, in October of 2017 to renal (kidney) disease. We fought hard for him for many months.We lost our senior cat, SATCHEL, who was our last cat wh...
You can see all my art that is available at my web
FRIEND: "Jon, you are strange! Sometimes I think you believe golf is more important than national security, trade wars, immigration and the stock markets! What would you do if you had just hit your te...
This isn't really stew. But it is dark. It is Black. Something you just need to call "Devil's Stew. "But, it isn't actually stew. You can serve it on a plate.Not everyone will enjoy this.Take a pound ...
I can't get both my Jondude account and my Hobbie account on this site....
I am here and will make whatever move Eddie sets up.I am on Facebook (13 years now) as Jon L. Adams (my "human" account) and as "jon leslie adams" where sometimes my cats leave posts (originally named...
I began number two before the first one with the white sky. The white one is larger, 36 x 24 and is framed now, hangs in the Tiffin Art Guild. The second one was finished last and needs no frame as i...
I have a friend who blasted the gun violence protest movement on Facebook, calling them children without a clue. I believe if you stand knee deep in the surf and can't see the huge breaker coming, yo...
This is the photo, not the painting....