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I live in Perth Western Australia, the most beautiful city on earth (just my opinion of course). I love animals more than anything else in the world. I love meeting people, blogging, old movies...and my favorite activity is cooking. The only domestic chore I am any good at, and I love all different kinds of foods. I travel a lot but hate flying. I cant wait for that machine in the USS Enterprise, where you just say "Beam me up Scotty" and you're there. I dont have time for judgmental people or people who dont value other's opinions regardless of whether you disagree or not. I am a pacifist, peace-loving, happy person with the most wicked sense of humour. I love laughing, great jokes and my motto is.."A smile is the most inexpensive way to change your appearance" That about says it all.....

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5 / 2 ratings   I stayed at a different hotel this time.  I am a member of and I do hotel reviews for them so I will be staying at a different hotel every time I go back to Bali from no...
Edit This PostSorry I dont have too many photos of this place. It was getting pretty late in the afternoon and darkness was creeping in as the skies got overcast.For those of you who saw the Julia Rob...
 Edit This PostAfter the Hindu temples, on the way to Kintamani I came across these beautiful rice terraces where a few tourist buses were stopped, so I asked my driver to stop as well. Appe...
I went back to Bali in May and here's some pics I took then. I have always been fascinated by the artistry and architecture of these temples. Every carving, every statue and every facade has a me...
I love beautiful sunsets and the ones I have witnessed on the beach in Bali have to be the most breath-taking.I took these photos on four separate evenings but from the very same spot, at slightly dif...
One of the great things (among all the other great things) about Bali is the exchange rate.  Australia is enjoying a terrific dollar value right now for tourists and this is the first time in all...
This week I have been posting travel pics of my Bali holiday and so far two people have said they cannot see any of the photographs.  I dont understand, does anyone know why this would be a probl...
The Discovery Shopping Mall is right on the beach and a good 15 minutes walk from where I stayed.I made this walk almost every day early in the morning before it got too hot and way before the other t...
This is my favorite hang-out in Bali. I love this beach and very early every morning (around 6am) is the most beautiful time to walk or jog or stroll while everyone is still asleep. The beach has...
 I took a trip up to the hills of Bali, away from the beaches and into the beautiful hills and tropical forests.  I had lunch with some friends at Casa Luna, a lovely restaurant with a ...
These set of pics are of a contrast in accommodation for holiday makers in Bali. My previous post showed the accommodation I prefer, Balinese style and much smaller than the 5 star resorts most wester...
Earlier this year I spent two glorious weeks in Bali, my favorite holiday island which has become my second home.This is my third trip here since I moved back to Perth from Jakarta last year. It seems...
Yogyakarta - Central JavaIn Jogja (which is the nickname of this city - pronounced Jog -Ja) I hired a jeep from these two guys (Ketut in the green top and Wayan with the specs) who were going to be my...
After Lake Toba we proceeded to a place called Tarutung to see the giant cross on top of a hill that can be seen for miles around. I read about this place on Lonely Planet and the fact that there have...
I've posted pics of my adventures around Indonesia...the island of Borneo, Java, Bali, and now this one is Sumatra. One of my favorite trips around Indonesia was to the island of Sumatra where my...