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Food & Drink > Food Here & There Part 1

Food Here & There Part 1


1) One of my favorite restaurants--and the one I retired from 25 years ago--is Big Louie's and it looks like I won't be going there too often if at all soon due to whatever is causing my 'illness' as part of it I am unable to sit for any length of time but more of that in another post. We often have a pizza but the past 2 times Allen had the Chicken Franchise lunch and I had a Stromboli---both delicious! Though unheard for me I couldn’t finish either and had to take them home.

Did you notice Luigi's new big statue at the door?

2) Over 40 years ago when I returned to Fort Lauderdale I met Emir in the Sandpiper Restaurant and Lounge on David Boulevard and a group of us there became friends. Like in most people’s lifetime friends disappear as did Emir and about 3-4 years ago (?) he got in touch with me through Facebook.

Emir, a good son, comes to visit his mother, who lives in South Florida, every month and when he can we will get together for lunch but, my going out has changed as has my energy level is very low, so I invited him over for a brief visit.

Emir came, bearing gifts as friends do, in this case, 2 pieces of carrot cake from The Fresh Market and a huge fried cheese cutlet with plantains and rice. Rude (and sick host that I am) as is not like me after 30 minutes I had to excuse myself and with a promise of taking him out for his birthday next month he left--without me even offering a piece of the carrot cake to him to take home!

3) Cabo Blanco is one of my favorite restaurants--especially Peruvian food--in the Fort Lauderdale area--haven’t been there in awhile since they closed their store in Oakland Park and this one on NE 62nd street is 30-40 minutes away but certainly worth the trip!

I remember going for lunch there trying out the 25+ lunch specials and each was better than the last but I fell in love with Camapones Saltados which had innumerable shrimp in tomatoes and onions in a dark sauce and have had it dozens of times since!

4) Last, but not least, I have been teasing a resident here named Walter who is always boasting about his baking and cooking skills and giving others tastes, but not me. telling him I am the greattaster of Gateway Terrace. He finally gave in and made me a Possum Pie--I needed 5 hands to carry it upstairs! (See the bottom, right, corner picture!)

If I haven’t gained weight by the time I see my primary doctor on Wednesday I will know I am sick!!!!!

posted on Oct 21, 2023 1:22 PM ()


What is in a possum pie? I'm a little afraid.
comment by drmaus on Oct 23, 2023 9:43 AM ()
Besides being bad for the heart and EVERY other organ in the body it is DELICIOUS!
reply by greatmartin on Oct 23, 2023 12:50 PM ()

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