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Social Worker turned artist. After years of parenting, working and stress, I let art lend depth and breadth to my life. I am so much happier these days! Photography Prints

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Thanks to Jeri, I found all of you again. I see many of you on FB and follow you there. I see that some of my favorite bloggers on this site either no longer post or post infrequently. I will try to ...
My niece, Joy, died New Year's day. It was sudden and quite unexpected. She had not been ill and was taking a nap before preparing dinner and died quietly in her sleep. Joy was only 47 years old.Excep...
Stopped by today and realized that it has been a year since my last post! I think it is because I am on FB a lot. I was not a great fan of FB but I got more involved as I started posting for the Auxi...
Had an experience on FB yesterday that literally kept me up all night. Feelings of excitement, new opportunities, possibly new relationships... Michael is a bit introverted and puts no effort into ma...
Several of you already saw this on FB. I made this meme using a six year old photo of my son and his wife when we visited Bethlehem, PA. No, I did not use their names and no faces are visible. I did ...
I have been feeling poorly for the past two weeks. Severe muscle aches (neck, back and arms), indigestion, constipation, inability to sleep, and a headache like I never before experienced. The headac...
The two boys on the right are my sons, Michael and Tod. The two on the left are Kevin and Brian, my girlfriend's sons. The boys grew up together and remain friends to this day- except for Tod, of cou...
I spent my life in denial despite all of my efforts to be ever honest with myself. Denial is what I resort to when the people I love disappoint me so much that I cannot bear it. I can only admit to th...
Last week, I called to talk to my grandsons. My son gave me an "appointment" on the 4th of July- over a week away. I did not understand why I had to wait a week to speak to them until I saw photos on ...
I thought I would have more time after the Awards Luncheon was over but I was wrong. In the past two weeks, I had to finish two newsletters. One was small- only twelve pages, but the other was 42 pag...
My niece, Aria, saw my tiger and wanted a white one. I did this for her. Somehow, it looks unfinished compared to the other tiger. Guess I will work on it some more.I had lunch with my friend yesterd...
I am still preparing for that award luncheon. Yesterday, I picked up the 'perpetual' awards- those passed on year after year that get just a brass plaque attached to them with the recipients name. Th...
I have invested a lot of time in the Auxiliary and I look forward to June 7 when one of two annual events will be behind me. I am organizing this year's annual awards luncheon and this is more than I...
Still dickering with the black paper. Some look so bad that I am not inclined to post them. They are studies in what went wrong- learning experiences. The humidity in Florida is so high that I have t...
I did not make it. On the morning of my flight, my car would not start. The starter is under recall and I put off replacing it because it never failed for something important before. Just once in a wh...