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Entertainment > Streaming Reviews November 2023 Part 1

Streaming Reviews November 2023 Part 1

1) "Long Shot"--Netflix--movie--2 hours & 4 minutes--a journalist unites with his former babysitter-- no doubt (in my mind) Charlize Theron is THE most beautiful woman in the world--so beautiful she makes you forget how blah Seth Rogen's is in the first hour of the movie--in the second hour after he has gone through a 'Hollywood do-over', she makes him a believable co-star as she is running to be President of the USA--an okay movie BUT a must see if just to gaze at Charlize!

2) "Elite"--Netflix--series--season 7--8 episodes--7 hours--a clash between working-class teens and wealthy students leads to murder--obviously Brazillians like all kinds of sex with anyone, anywhere and anytime but, and I find this funny, no frontal nudity!! The cast is sharp and good with many different stories going on--a good series worth watching from season 1 matched by season 7.

3) "Neon"--Netflix--series--season 1--8 episodes--3 hours & 45 minutes--Reggaeton hopeful star and best friends move to Miami--the ups and downs of wanting to be a star and the friends who help him, not knowing how to do just that--a good series but with the exception of the music nothing new.

4) "Love is in the Air"--Netflix--movie--1 hour & 28 minutes--a friendly independent female pilot fights to keep her family business going and falls for the man sent to ground the business forever--a sweet, short, beautiful rom-com with magnificent shots of Australian oceans, mountain shots plus the 2 leads adds to the scenery and though nothing new to the plot the film is undoubtedly worth seeing.

5) "Totally Killer"--Prime Amazon--horror movie--1 hour & 45 minutes--when the infamous 'sweet 16 killer' returns to claim another victim 35 years later 17-year-old Jamie accidentally travels back in time to stop him before he can start--a time machine, a Trump look alike, monsters--it's a Halloween film folks!

6) "Lupin"--Netflix--Series--season 3--7 episodes--6 hours--Assare Diop sets out to avenge his father for an injustice inflected by a wealthy family--season 3 equals the first 2 seasons and Omar Sy as Lupin continues his dynamite performance--one of the best thrillers ever--watch all 3 seasons!

7) "Old Dads"--Netflix--movie--1 hour & 44 minutes--3 dads find themselves out of step with millenniums--halfway through I still hadn't cracked a smile let alone a laugh in this 'comedy'--last 15 minutes is good, misplaced, 'drama'.

8) "Burning Betrayal"--Netflix--Brazillian Movie--1 hour & 38 minutes--thriller about a woman who becomes involved in a web of lies after being betrayed--as I mentioned in 'Elite' Brazilians like to show a lot of sex and this one does, too--lots of drama and family problems--good story and acting and short!

posted on Nov 4, 2023 11:03 PM ()


I agree about Charlize Theron. Thanks for the reviews. Hope you are doing okay.
comment by traveltales on Nov 5, 2023 12:44 PM ()
Apart from a complete lack of energy all is well!
reply by greatmartin on Nov 6, 2023 2:55 PM ()

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