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Gay, Poor Old Man

Food & Drink > Omg!!!!!



Last Thursday Allen picked me up for our usual day's errands a little bit earlier than expected, which was fine as there were a few extra stops to make. The first was at my primary doctor's office to drop a few papers they had to fill out and fax to the PACE organization I was looking into.

After that it was to the Dollar Tree on 17th Street where we hadn't been for a while and I needed to get 6 items. Luckily we found a place right in front of the store.

When I came out I asked Allen if he was hungry and wanted to eat first and then do our food shopping or go to Winn-Dixie and then eat lunch?

It was a little after 1 PM and he said that since our flu and virus shots appointment were at 3 PM at CVS we should do the shopping and then go to Big Louie's which was on the way.
Most of the time when we went to Big Louie's we had pizza but this time we decided to have a regular lunch both ordering the chicken francais, Allen having the salad and I the soup. We each got 2 garlic rolls with our meal and right here you will know something is wrong as I let Allen have one of MY garlic rolls!

I won't go into all of it but I wasn't able to eat because if I sit too long I get tremendous pains in both buttocks and have to get up and walk and that was what was happening. When I finished my soup I told Allen I was going to take my meal home and eat it later.

Poor Allen! I think he was in shock never having me saying I wasn't going to eat when food was there! He also ate a lot faster than usual--I am the one who always finishes way before he does!

We got to CVS in time for our appointment and though we got the flu shot the covid hadn't come in yet--another trip!
By the time I got home and got the groceries upstairs, I was exhausted and had to take a nap--even before I put the food away!--and I slept for 2 and a half hours!

It seems I have energy for 2 to 2 and a half hours in the afternoon and then I am out!

Allen has been very good about helping me out every Thursday but I can't do more than 3 things in that time!

Oh yes! Don't worry! I had my Big Louie's 'lunch' at 9 PM!
There is a lot more to say about what is happening to me but one surprising fact, though I am eating, I have lost 26 pounds since January not even trying--something is wrong!

As I sit here it is 3:15 PM and I feel all the energy leaving my body---time to nap!

posted on Oct 3, 2023 12:34 PM ()


I've had that sort of thing in the afternoon. Two pm and somebody throws the off switch and I'm done. I casually mentioned to a a guy I don't really know when we were working on my mower and he had the same thing. He had to stay at work, but he's a supervisor. Anyway, that's a different matter. He knew for sure that he had had covid but I'm not sure that I did. But other people have had similar experience. I've only lost about 12 pounds, but I attribute that to now eating as much. I recently had a nodule on my prostate but that turned out to be benign. My original complaint was the urge to urinate too frequently so I had other tests. Bladder and kidneys seem to be fine. In your case, 26 pounds is way too much to lose. Hopefully your primary will figure out what tests to do in time. Best wishes with that!
comment by jjoohhnn on Oct 4, 2023 10:39 AM ()
So far I have had 11 doctors plus as many if not more tests--and no results.
Having lost 100+ pounds, and then working for, Weight Watchers and opening the Memphis franchise there is little anyone can tell me my ABOUT weight LOSS--NOW 28 POUNDS--which is why i am so concerned!!! They laugh but I have had one doc test for a tapeworm!!!!
reply by greatmartin on Oct 4, 2023 7:21 PM ()

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