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Our lives pass us byNot unlike pages in a bookAnd every once in awhileWe slow down to take a look.Sometimes happiness comesBut every once in awhileMoments that touch the heartAnd make us smile.We go f...
He reached his hand outAs he tried to touch the skyTrying to feel the freedomBefore he lay down to die.The warmth of the sunAnd coolness of the breezeMade his body feel as ifIt could do as it please.H...
I am a writerI write chapter and verse.I have traveled forwardAnd also in reverse.I have climbed mountainsSometimes stopping halfwayWith no will to go furtherI soon call it a day.I have stared at pape...
Though he was not pennilessHis soul felt as if it was brokeIt was a fear that was hiddenAbout which he rarely spoke.Once he looked out his windowIf only to steal a glanceThe one time he felt joyMaybe ...
Tranquil is the waterWith no stone upon it tossedA soul that has been foundWill no more wander lost.We look to the heavens aboveGaze into the blue skyFor a moment wishing to take flightStretch our win...
I felt a sadnessA feeling hard to conveyAs watching the sun setUpon my very last day.Can't imagine how he feltHopeless and lonelyBut that was yesterdayFor now he is free.I am sure he was lovedBy one, ...
The writer was asked onceA penny for a thought he hadHe thought of a love lostAnd it made him sad.He wanted to tell herThat he did love her dearBut the time came and wentAnd she is no longer here.He w...
The writer embraced lifeHe was young and had a planBut soon life passed him byAnd turned him into older man.He saw his life turnAs the pages of a bookEverything that he experiencedHad a different feel...
Watching the distant stormAs the rain started to fallCaught in a lovers embraceTwo souls keeping each other company.Till the light of dayThe passion shownIn the gentleness of a kissNo words are needed...
The sun setsAs it also risesCast upon the groundAre shadows of variousshapes and sizes.Between the darknessAnd the light of dayWhere do they go?Where do they stay?Hidden in placesWhere few dare to wal...
The old they were angryAs they shook their fist to the skyLooking for an answerWanting to know why.But what needs to be knownSometimes is not that easyFor sometimes there is no reasonFor the way life ...
The writer walked the desert sandMidday sun high in the skyAnd he realized that more often than notThere was no answer to the question why.But he continued to travelAt his chosen rate of speedEating, ...
The writer was on a journeyAcross the frozen plainLooking to put his past behind himAlong with the hurt and pain.Life for him had becomeJust too hardHe'd been dealt a handAnd he had played his last ca...
They told him he was a writerBut he didn't see himself that wayFor whatever reasonIt was hard for him to say.One day he saw a puddle of waterIt was muddy and miredIt reminded him of his lifeWhich some...
Standing there bushy and greenSmell of fresh-cut pineTinsel fluttering gentlyHanging like icicles fine.Lights surround the treeAll sparkling and brightRivaled only by the starsThat dance in the sky at...