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My Car and More $#@#$%

Hello all,

My 2009 Hyundai Sonata runs well and other than needing an interior cleaning looks great. New problem. A couple of weeks ago I couldn’t open the door to let myself out. So I crawled over the console and let myself out of the passenger side. The driver side door can still be opened from the outside, so someone suggested I roll down the window, stick my arm out and open it that way. Then I was hospitalized for the cat bite and my brother-in-law, whose car is still getting repaired, asked if he could borrow it. I explained about the door and he said no problem. Now I am out of the hospital and b.i.l. explained that the problem has escalated. Now the driver’s door can’t be opened from either side and the passenger door can’t be opened from the inside either but the rear doors are fine.

So Ed and I decided to drop the car off at Pine Island Auto, way down Stringfellow Road on Pine Island. I crawled in. Ed drove behind me in his Toyota Highlander and I, using my GPS, led the way. My GPS failed me because all the landmarks it needs to guide anyone are gone so I totally missed the turn-off, and when I got close to St. James City, pulled over and called Ed. He told me to turn around because I had over-shot. So I did a u-turn, found Ed ahead of me where he had pulled over, and followed him to the Pine Island Auto Lot and a good thing too because I still would have missed it with all the debris surrounding it. Then I crawled over to the back of the car and got out. They’ll give me a call when they know what they have to do, what needs to be ordered, and what it will cost. I just want my car back. What would we do without cell phones?

posted on Oct 31, 2022 11:46 AM ()


Wily you are, climbing in and out of cars by the windows! Odd things go wrong with older cars, don't they?
comment by drmaus on Nov 1, 2022 4:24 PM ()

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