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Every since Friday when I heard "the news", I haven't fully came back to the optimistic point I was. I have good moments but the thoughts keep coming back about him moving on (in a sense) so quickly and about the finality. I also keep having this feeling of "I want to go home." And for now, there really isn't a home. Hopefully when I move into my mobile home soon, it will soon be a home. But I must admit that I am missing "him". I don't miss the fights, the uncertainty, the feeling alone even when I'm with him. But I do miss him. The grass truly is greener when it's not yours.

Easter was alright. Our dinner was great. The kids got up early and were a bit cranky. I didn't sleep well and had a stomach ache most of the day.

Today has been a busy day but not as busy as I expected. I thought I'd be able to sign the park contract but instead I have an appt. during my lunch hour tomorrow. I thought I'd hear about my closing but I haven't. I did however have to take a trip back to my Mom's for my cell phone I forgot during lunch and I did have a meeting after school and I do have to be back at school in a little more than an hour for the annual Spanish National Honor Society induction. I'm the guest speaker and I just found out today that my Spanish teacher from 20 years ago from high school is going to be there. It is her the Chapter was named after. I wish I was feeling more positive about going. I know this is a special thing to be able to do and experience.

I'll write tonight when I'm home and it's all past me and hopefully be able to say that all went well.

posted on Mar 24, 2008 6:44 PM ()


Oh, I like what pecan said! Take care girl.
comment by mellowdee on Mar 24, 2008 8:31 PM ()
I bet once you got there, everything was more than cool.
On another note, sometimes weeds look like grass, or weeds hide in the grass,either way, they are still weeds.
comment by pecan on Mar 24, 2008 7:16 PM ()

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