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That's the tattoo my young co-worker friend, K, has. She's a super sweet girl, for the most part. Very bubbly. She'd remind you of a puppy dog, with bright happy eyes and a perma-smile. Pure and innoc...
I don't know where these last couple weeks escaped to? Anyway, here is a summary of the roses n' thorns I remember, not in any particular order.Normally I like to start with a rose, but this time I wa...
I couldn't decide on a subject line for this post, so I chose two: "Good News!" And "It's About Time!"As I think I mentioned in an earlier post, one of my main objectives when I moved back to Ontario ...
(I wrote this last night for my other blog, so even though I'm posting it here in the a.m. I'm keeping the late night title, as these were the thoughts swirling around just before my head hit the pill...
I unintentionally published a post twice, but couldn't find a way to delete it. :P This is just the husk of a deleted post. ...
For a couple years I had a blog for friends n' family. At the end of every week, I'd recap my blessings n' vents. I'd call these posts Roses n' Thorns. I figured I'd resurrect that habit for this blog...
Even though I was only there for a week, I heard and saw enough to make a pretty qualified decision to leave. I was told about Beetlejuice included that he was far too stupid to run such a successful ...
While I'm still on a job hunt for something in marketing/writing, the first week I came to town, I hit the ground running with a folder full of resumes targeted to the service industry.Up n' down the ...
Because our friends who J was staying with are allergic to cats, we really needed to locate a place to live fast. Finding a place in our financial bracket wasn't easy. Most were either in a bad neighb...
Every couple of years I get the itch to blog. Friendster, Blogster, MyBloggers, Blogger... I've loved and left many blogs. I'll write almost daily, then take a hiatus for a year or two, then return in...
Wow!! The lack of fact-checking boggles the mind!! I've heard that this wasn't the only program to make the mistake between Terry Fox and Michael J. Fox. But what really makes me laugh is that they sh...
I thought this was pretty interesting!...
I slump down on the couch. My back flat on the seat. Legs like a starfish with sliding feet pressed flat against the carpet. My core yawns tight and then relaxes, sending a tense tingle of energy thro...
I met up with my friend L on Friday night for a couple drinks n' appies at a pub downtown after she got off work. What started off as a casual evening of catching up and girl talk, gradually turned in...
Just wrote this over at my public blog, but thought I might share it over here as well. Hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. That's always been one of my mottos.Okay, perhaps not always....