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Not too active here anymore. But I check in every once and awhile if, for nothing else, to show I'm still alive.

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Fredo emailed me to see if I was still kickin'. I assured him I was. Thought I'd "check in" here to see what everybody was up to. Looks like the same ol', same ol'.I'm good. No major changes in my lif...
Daylight Saving Time starts today. Can Spring be far behind? I'm ready to emerge from hibernation. Let the foraging season begin.It's been a long, cold, snowy winter in these parts (IN). I don't need ...
For me, Thanksgiving marks the beginning of winter. Actually, it's full throttle ahead already. Brrr.The family is celebrating at my daughter's house this year, for a change. It's a first (since they ...
Okay. It seems several MyBloggers-ites are curious about "the girl of my dreams" I met in Greece. It's all sort of silly, but it really happened.I went to a jazz program (two Greeks playing sax, piano...
This blog is for Fredo and a few others that are curious about my two week Sierra Club trip, "Hiking the Greek Islands".What can I say? Marvelous, stupendous, incredible, amazing! I had the time of my...
Even though I drop in to mybloggers every once in a while, I haven't blogged. Red's update inspired me.It's been a very busy summer. For me, it's golf 5 days a week, yard and garden work, firewood gat...
Happy Mothers Day to all the women out there. It's been 12 years since mine died. But, she lives on in spirit and descendants.Two of my daughters have girls, and the other one is expecting a girl (Sep...
Hello old friends.What's happening in Randy's world, you ask?For, Spring has finally arrived, sort of. Still below average.But, I plan to golf for the first time this year today.And I worked in the ga...
A I write this, I'm officially 70 years and one day old. I've crossed the threshold. Officially, I'M OLD! There's no getting around it. (Yes, Steve, I've joined you.)However, the good news is, my fath...
I've returned from two weeks in Florida. Thanks to all that commented on my previous post.I had a nice "vacation". At least the weather was good--better than "winter in Indiana".I didn't do much. Lots...
Hi everyone. Just thought I'd post something to say I'm still kicking.Nothing much out of the ordinary is happening.My father is worsening (age 95). My sister had a mastectomy. My local daughter and h...
Along with the post title, there are dozens of songs that say "good bye". After much consideration and deliberation, I've decided to end my days (years) with the Eddie operation (mybloggers, formerly ...
Yes, genetically speaking, the luck of the draw is probably the most important factor in living a long life.As most of you know (what few of you are left here at mybloggers), I'm trying to reach a cen...
I don't have much to say. Perhaps a little news.I took my sister to have a CAT scan regarding her breast cancer. She's in good spirits about it all--at least outwardly.On impulse, I went truck "window...
In the course of conversation, I became aware that my daughter was woefully weak in historical information, especially when certain events occurred.So, just for the fun of it, see how you do on these ...