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Walk by Faith, Not by Sight

That's the tattoo my young co-worker friend, K, has. She's a super sweet girl, for the most part. Very bubbly. She'd remind you of a puppy dog, with bright happy eyes and a perma-smile. Pure and innocent. For the most part... Except that she sometimes comes out with these questionable comments. She'll say them with a giddy laugh, leaving you wondering, "Did she just say that?" 

For instance, a customer came in and asked for the biggest piece of gluten-free carrot cake in the display, rather than the one she was served. After the lady left, K giggled and said to me, "Friggin' Asians are all so cheap."

Say what?

Honestly, I think everyone wants to get the largest piece of unevenly cut cake (usually my bad, ha!) - not just one specific race of people. That lady just happened to have enough hutzpa to ask for her extra inch of frosted goodness, and we gave it to her. No guts, no glory!

In this instance, I could barely gather a reaction before K bounced away to the kitchen to go scavenge for something to eat. (At 21, she's still got the metabolism of a teenager and eats everything in sight. I tease that her catch phrase is "Can I eat that?" She probably says it about 3 times a shift.) 

Anyway, she's a nice enough girl, but I do challenge her views from time to time. As a competitive person, you can tell she like's debating or... at least winning. Even so, I can tell she respects me, so I'm not afraid push back a bit, because I know she'll listen. Not that our debates get heated. It's usually nothing too serious, like whether the cook should be tipped out or not. (I said yes, she argued no.) We've never actually discussed passionate topics, like religion or politics.

Until tonight... in a formal Christian environment.

Oh man, this will be interesting... 

I tried resisting, but she is putting on the peer pressure. Without knowing anything about where I stand on the spiritual spectrum, she keeps asking me to attend her and her husband's Jesus discussion group. (Yes, she's 21 and married to her high school sweetheart.) The two hold these meetings in their apartment every Wednesday night, just two blocks around the corner. She keeps promising, "There'll be treats!" Of course there will be! You don't go to Cookie Monster's place and not expect to get a cookie! Ha. 

To summarize where I stand, I was raised Christian, and was really involved in the church since birth. My parents actually met in Sunday school. My mother's father was the minister's right hand man and also the founder of an incredible Christian summer camp. As I grew up, I prayed hard, read the bible regularly, taught Sunday School, represented the youth on the church Official Board, went to church camp, and when I was old enough, I volunteered at the camp every summer. I was a devoted lamb of God.

But no matter how involved I became, I found that I had too many lingering questions that Christianity could not answer. Eventually, the illogical responses and "have faith" chasers wore a little thin for my liking. I was 19 by the time I got past the fear of going to hell for exploring other "gods". I figured I could always beg forgiveness later if need be. And so I began reading, and have continued reading ever since.

Something that has always somewhat embarrassed me is that I'm not as "well read" as I'd like to be. I admire folks who have taken the time to appreciate the classics. I haven't. But that isn't because I don't read. I do. It's just my interests have always leaned towards spirituality. Over the years I've submerged myself into exploring new age ideas, earthy religions, Buddhism, the occult, and metaphysics. I don't follow the flock anymore, but have chosen to forge my own fascinating path of learning and wondering.... Taking what I like, and leaving the rest. 

That being said, MY personal views work for ME as a result of MY journey.
 We all have our own paths to walk, and I totally respect others to walk theirs in a way that's fufilling to them. But now, to sit in a room full of Christians, one of whom has "Walk By Faith, Not By Sight" tattooed on her foot, debating Jesus....? (Who I do believe existed - I dig the historical Jesus.) Like I said, it'll be interesting... 
If I actually go.

posted on May 29, 2013 11:27 AM ()


Yes! Yes! Tell us all about it.
comment by elderjane on June 4, 2013 11:27 AM ()
That's a catchy tattoo. I vote with Kristy.
comment by troutbend on May 29, 2013 5:36 PM ()
Just say "No thanks." End of conversation!
comment by greatmartin on May 29, 2013 12:18 PM ()
DO IT! Go. Then blog about it.
comment by kristilyn3 on May 29, 2013 11:37 AM ()

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