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I'm a mom, wife, dog lover on a fitness journey and encouraging others online. Looking for friends to share my journey, goals, successes and struggles!

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Wow! I haven't logged in for 8 years!!! This is so crazy and I don't really expect many to remember me, although I know there are a couple of you that I am still connected to on the good ole Facebook!...
For all those who are feeling so lonely that it hurts unexplainably, for you and for I...I prayLord,I turn to You as my source of strength when I feel so alone. I think of Christ and know that the lon...
I really pray that tomorrow once I'm back at school and have started a routine, I will feel better.Because guys...I know my posts have been negative and I'm barely even posting because I'm feeling eve...
I find my thoughts wandering. One minute I'm thinking how much I miss him and the next I'm realizing that my guts were right all along. He never did really love me the way he promised to love me. Now ...
Not only was it dumb and wrong. It was an invitation for definite hurt. Therefore all signs say don't do it, but I did it anyway. I guess I wanted to remind myself again not to hold on to false hope o...
Today was quite the opposite of yesterday (THANK GOD!)It was 77 degrees today! I got all my errands done before 10:30 in the morning (quite a feat for a girl who HATES errands). Then I completely and ...
Things always look better in the day light. All day long I was positive, busy, productive. I was also tired from a short six hours sleep last night. As soon as dusk sets, soon after he picks up the ki...
It's been a long time since my emotional state of mind has been as low and unsafe as it got tonight. I know you all don't see this side of me that is irrational and angry and sad and honestly needs he...
For the first time since I was staying at my Mom's house, I have really had time to think today. I guess this means I'm "settled" in my new home. I'm all caught up on things to do. So I've had time to...
Even though today was a gem of a Sunday, I've been on the verge of tears and a few have fallen through the day. I'll blame it on the cycle of the moon lol. My horoscope says it makes me extra fragile....
 The Window ShopperRandom Gentle Love Dreamer (RGLD)Loving, hopeful, open. Likely to carry on an romance from afar. You are The Window Shopper.You take love as opportunities come, which can lead ...
O.K.I'm single, for the first and only time in my life (since I was with my husband since I was 14). Now how do I begin this process of finding myself? I don't know where to begin and it's not like I ...
Of course I did feel crappy all day yesterday, but it seems that every single time the kids are gone for the night- I'm up all night for some reason.Last night it was a migraine and stomache pain belo...
lots on my mind but my fingers are being defiant...they just won't type!I'll start with some good  news! I've finally made an appt. to have my "Rejuvenator" package at the spa where Mom bought me...
I've actually been losing my mind for quite some time, but today I had another realization of just how unorganized my mind is. Got a panicky call from A saying he contacted the power company because h...