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Life & Events > How Time Has Been Occupying Me!

How Time Has Been Occupying Me!

Or is that the other way around? I just know that I've really been to busy to sit around and think and sometimes that is a blessing really.

Last night friends stopped over here at my "place for now". It was nice to have company and just be "me". The kids were happy, visiting with us. Kev was drawing my friend's husband a race car of his favorite Nascar driver. It was so cute. Kev had a glow in his eyes. He really is quite an artist. I fell asleep late last night, just a little anxiety and my mind started thinking without permission again! So I was much more tired this morning but it was a rather nice day at school. While I was there, I felt good and the students paid attention and were well behaved. (Stick that one in my back pocket for when I need it)

During my break I drove around looking at places near where my sister lives. Relatively close but not as close as I would have liked, there were two that I called on. Only one called me back and said she couldn't give me any information because just today she had listed it with a realtor. (Annoying!)

After school was the doctor appt. for Kevin and it couldn't have been less eventful. Kev was not in tantrum mode nor was he ansy. She admitted a lack of faith in the particular school he goes to (I don't share this belief by the way)and noted she'd had several parents whose teachers were pushing the ADD when the children had learning disabilities according to the psychologist once tested. So she had a very nice talk with Kevin and she said that we need to take this slow. I guess I consider myself lucky that my pediatrician isn't a medicine pusher, but I admit to hoping that just for a moment, there was going to be a magic pill. Rissy had dance tonight and Kev and I went and browsed Target. I got him a new "Spring-ish" jacket because annoyingly, his new coat from Christmas already has a faulty zipper and his teacher complains if they can't zip their own zipper. According to Kev, this woman actually has told him and other kids "You need to get a new coat or fix this zipper." I feel bad for the poor kids, 6 or 7 years old, they have no control over getting a new coat.

My husband stopped to see Kevin after work and I cooked leftover chicken and baked mac and cheese. I'm into my laundry routine again. I know some of you may find this hilarious, but laundry is relaxing for me. Like I wasn't at home here until I started doing laundry. I have even been doing Mom's clothes that I find around, left dirty lol. My husband and I both got a bit teary eyed today while he was here. For once we agree! We both just had a difficult, emotional day. We both felt bad. I could have been sucked in, but I wasn't. It was hard to turn the other cheek and keep my mouth shut. All to prevent the sound of tears projecting in my voice or even become a full sob. So I distracted myself. Kev and I had make up work for school. He and I did 3 worksheets and studied his spelling words. He did get distracted for me a bit but in general, he did well. Then I had bought a set of 3 Bible card games at the $ store so first he and I played Memory. (During which Kev told me that if he's real quiet, the cards say their name) Did anyone else hear the Twilight Zone theme song? lol And he did beat my 8 to 1! Then there were really cool Bible Fact cards that he was interested in. We read and talked about the information on the back of the cards about each of the "Bible Heroes". Before we got far it was time to go get Riss from dance. (Side note: Having to travel more and use, therefore buy more gas....bites!) I've doubled what I usually use in a week from the whole back and forth various times a day for different things.

I started worrying about money today, stressing over it. I also started to obsess about finding a place of my own. I think I need a good reminder of "One Day At A Time"...

Today I'm fine and the children seem well. I still have my doggies and the comforts of home. I'm going to find out who Gwen is and what makes her tick! (no idea how, but I'll just Ask, Believe and Receive)!

posted on Mar 11, 2008 8:11 PM ()


You have had a very productive day today. :) You sounded so busy. My son has ADHD and has been on medicines for it. Most of the medicines have side effects that I just don't like; however, it has also helped him. When I get really stressed, I clean relaxes me. So, I understand about the laundry.
comment by hopefields on Mar 13, 2008 1:02 AM ()
"Ask. Believe. Receive." I think you're getting into the receiving part, Gwen...just hang in there.
comment by janetk on Mar 12, 2008 7:08 PM ()
Hi sweetie, hope you are well. You sound good. STaying occupied is important. By the way, my younger son is ADHD (that's the hyperactive kind) we sort of knew it all through school, but it really came out his senior year. I had him tested extensively and guess what? The Voc Rehab people for our state pay for his college tuition and his books because he is learning disabled. (ADD is considered a disability) Also, he's protected by several laws (especially about the People with Disabilities Act) and that gives him additional time for testing as well as other help. See it's not all bad. My younger son deals with it through time management. He has to schedule himself for everything. Listen to me, cause you know I know, you hold on. Keep the faith and believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is! And it's not a train coming to run over you. Love ya, Deb
comment by teacherwoman on Mar 12, 2008 10:15 AM ()
I wish my laundry relaxed me. You are really lucky to find a Pediatrician that is not a pill pusher, I know I had a hard time to find a Dr. that would truly listen to me and not go right for the prescription pad. Change is hard but it is exciting when you wake up one day and realize you know you. It just makes life so much better!
comment by wickedwitchofthewest on Mar 12, 2008 5:31 AM ()
You sound like you have things under control. I am glad you did not get "sucked" back in, it's easy to do that. We all have weak moments but you held strong. Good for you.
comment by gapeach on Mar 12, 2008 1:07 AM ()
I can't wait to get to know how your clock ticks. Thanks for the post!
comment by frogfenatic on Mar 11, 2008 11:00 PM ()
Sounds like a very busy day, but your tone makes it clear that you are feeling really good. I know what you are going through worries with money, but that will get better with time.
comment by lunarhunk on Mar 11, 2008 8:24 PM ()

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