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“If I knew then, what I know now…”How many times have each of us said those words? Those eight, futile, little words. If I knew then what I know now…I’ll admit to having thought those words ...
I'm not really here. And I don't know what to say or where to begin and time is, as usual, not on my side. So here is the jist of it, I guess.I don't have Internet anymore. I only use my Mom and Dad's...
We had a rough morning.Michael is transitioning again, I think. He will be two in only a few short weeks. Twenty one months, corrected age. I’ve lost track of his developmental age. It varies from a...
I am waiting for my Dad. Actually, I have been waiting for him all day. He assured me he would be here first thing in the morning to snow blow my driveway after our monstrous dumping of snow yesterday...
It’s January and unless you’re living someplace tropical, winter is starting to close in around us. We’re all getting a case of the winter blahs and the cabin fever crazies. This is the time of ...
I am whiny and crabby today, so consider yourselves warned. I shouldn’t even be blogging at all, I’m that crusty, but here I am just the same…putting off folding the laundry, hoping that the wea...
That about sums up my weekend. Crazy. Actually, fucking crazy is more like it. But who’s counting hairs?But rather than talk about the weekend of insanity, I thought instead that I would get on my l...
Because, in the immortal words of Samantha Jones from Sex In The City, “you’d be surprised how many are ready to go again after a quick cat nap”.Ha.Actually, this morning’s blog post was origi...
I didn’t think that I was going to blog today. To be quite frank, I’m not even sure that this will make it to posting but I’m feeling rather unsettled today…so much so that my stomach is achin...
“Schtuff” was the name of a zine a long time ago. And now I wonder whatever happened to Jason…I am still keeping silent on the thing that’s going on here in Janet Land. Some of you have asked ...
It’s going to be a good day. I can just feel it. How do I know?The baby is chilling out in his crib. He might be sleeping. I’m not sure. He does that sometimes…begs in his baby language way to b...
The band Oasis has always made think of my sister, Judy.Maybe because back in the day, when Judy was knee deep in several underground zines and had correspondence with several other zinesters, she was...
…to go downstairs and find my glue gun.…to fix the bird that broke in my purse and then hang it from the ceiling fan in the dining room.…a snack.…to lose some of this holiday weight.…to go t...
Kevin the fish died. I know. I was sad, too. Luckily, Don was visiting so I delegated him to the task of giving Kevin a proper burial “at sea”. I felt pretty badly about Kevin’s death until Don ...
Holy shit, it has been a while, eh? If I try to sit here and update all of you, you’ll fall asleep and my fingers will go numb. Likewise, if I try to catch up on all of you from beginning to end whe...