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"Stiva" comes from Stepan Oblonsky from the novel Anna Karenin, by Leo Tolstoy. I have read the book, but it was years ago. Our current cat is black. I used to blog for a few years, but given the way I write, I found it too public, so I'm trying again under a different name. I like the anonymity.

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Told me aunt about our cat and Christmas tree problem and how our daughter set up one of those foldable, indoor pet fences around the tree, but he still jumps over that and plays in the tree. She sugg...
This weekend is kind of a normal weekend for putting out holiday decorations. When our daughter was growing up, we would have Santa Christmas complete with a tree (same artificial every year) and othe...
My wife had a party last night with her political people. I hung out upstairs with the cat with the door closed and read. With pottery class I have fallen behind in reading, so I would rather catch up...
... mostly in pottery anyway.The analog nature of the wiring of the mammal brain prevents us doing things perfectly or repeating things exactly the same. Practice does not make perfect, but it makes b...
I mentioned that our daughter is in college these days. Her second year now. Classes are harder this year and she's wondering if she made the right field choice. We have told her that sometimes there ...
When we moved from the San Francisco area to the Kansas City area, the biggest change was the weather. Before we moved people asked, "Why are you moving there? It's so flat."Once we moved, we had figu...
It's been a while. Recently I looked around at the related blogging site, but found too many of the old conflicts and political rantings to hang around there. When I last posted here, we lived in Cali...
I haven’t posted the program of exercises that I follow. I started a somewhat changed program this week, but it’s pretty similar to the previous one because it’s built on the big ...
This is all about weight training, so you may want to skip it...Last night was my first workout after taking a week off for work travel. I had been weight training since Dec without a break.The new we...
I didn’t post anything last week because I was taking the week off from weight training because it’s been several months since I started doing it and hadn’t taken a break yet and ...
Ever since we bought our new cell phones, which was months ago, I have wondered about the keypad backlight feature. The there a setting for how long the keypad backlight stays on. I have it on "always...
I'm supposed to work on reducing stress, but I often am trying to squeeze in working out between coming home from work and heading to pick up our daughter from after-school day care. The last few week...
I went to the grocery store earlier today to get a few things. The place was packed. I was surprised when I walked past the chip and cracker aisle and saw ... not a whole lot. That aisle was hit prett...
I wrote a while back about the Kitty's classmates taking her things from her pencil box. After that we bought a locking one. This week she caught a boy trying to pick the lock with a scissors. The loc...
Last weekend we went out of town to the Big Bear area (Murphys / Arnold) for an "annual" snow cabin trip. We didn't go last year. As it was, we went late and arrived Sat afternoon. Dolly and Kitty wen...