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You didn't mention trips to the vet. Annual checkup (including rabies, etc.) can be $150. Extra vet trips for (suspected) sickness can be $300-500. ER on weekend with ultrasound, blood test, etc.

Initial shots and neutering are usually included in the adoption fee.

You may want to opt for a female, because males can be prone to urinary problems. Our last two cats have had such issues.

They tend to like grass-like plants, but otherwise leave them alone.

Our cats have been interested in cable ends, but the cables themselves. Like the ends of USB cables or USB/thumb drives.

Training them to use litter box is not something we have had to worry about. They figure it out.

Declawing is not common these days. Regular trimming, training, and scratching posts, etc. instead. "Domestic short hair" cats have "normal-length" fur. Our cats have been and we generally have brushed them once a week.

Water should be available 24/7, yes. They don't drink milk.

Cat litter is clumping these days, so just scoop out the clumps daily and add more as needed. Changes of the whole litter box are rare, so the 16 lb litter jugs (refill $8 or something from Petco) last a while.

You should make survival plans; designate a person to take care of her after you die, in case she does (probably will live to be 10-15 years).
Comment on Cat Lovers: Help Needed - May 16, 2020 4:02 PM ()
Comment on Animals! - Jan 5, 2019 6:37 AM ()
Aside from the traveling itself, sounds like your trip was good. Nice that you could spend time with Steve.
Comment on Christmas Adventures - Jan 5, 2019 6:34 AM ()
Winter cold vs. hot chili
Comment on 3 Dog Night ... Literally. - Jan 5, 2019 6:31 AM ()
Happy New Year. That would take a lot of layers at 55 deg.
Comment on New Year-new Year - Jan 5, 2019 6:30 AM ()
We have watched a bunch of romantic comedies.

My wife has told me that she liked "Thornbirds", but I haven't seen it and we haven't watched it together.
Comment on Entertainment Nonsense, Friends and Christmas - Jan 5, 2019 6:24 AM ()
All the heat is in Ft Lauderdale with you
Comment on Is it December???? - Dec 30, 2018 9:25 AM ()
Yep, sounds like you had a good holiday. I ignore New Year's Eve stuff too.
Comment on The Tinsel is Gone - Dec 28, 2018 8:58 AM ()
Good luck doing more things that you enjoy
Comment on Christmas - Dec 28, 2018 8:55 AM ()
Like jerms wrote, you hardly see tinsel these days.
Comment on Holiday Photo - Dec 28, 2018 8:53 AM ()
There was a news item about a year ago (?) about the changing nature of marriage. Being able to discuss TV shows that you both like was a factor that people consider going into marriage due to the communication and common interest issues.
Comment on Entertainment Nonsense, Friends and Christmas - Dec 28, 2018 8:52 AM ()
Hopefully you'll get the meds sorted out due to the side effects and the counseling will help you.
Comment on Psych Eval - Dec 28, 2018 8:44 AM ()
Helpful kids (unlike cats) and nice looking tree
Comment on 3rd Time is the Charm? - Dec 2, 2018 5:34 AM ()
A bath and a trim for Ziggy. Neither of which they like.

Good luck with your endoscopy.
Comment on Post T Day - Dec 2, 2018 5:33 AM ()
Comment on Kitty Updates ... - Dec 2, 2018 5:30 AM ()

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