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I don't get on the computer much. Its in the dining room and the two cats tend to hang out there. But Stitch has to follow me everywhere so there is barking, hissing and sometimes i am caught in the middle and get clawed by a cat. I am glad the holidays are over. so much anxiety for me. Its nice to be around family though. I just feel there is so much pressure, making food, trying to buy presents with a very limited budget. But again, I can breathe a sigh of relief now. Its been too warm here for me. Mainly in the 50's but some 60+ days as well. And also, rain, rain, rain! I specifically asked for a snowy winter not a rainly one. Ah global warming, don't you love it? Just a short post today, I have to go pick up my granddaughter from day care and then hang out with her and her mama. Good times!

posted on Jan 4, 2019 11:14 AM ()


Okay only a high of 76 today and Monday we won't even get into the 70s--does that make you feel better!???
comment by greatmartin on Jan 17, 2019 6:41 PM ()
Rain here too, and I would prefer some of it to just be snow. If you teach the cats how to use facebook or instagram, maybe they'll let you get in there more often
comment by drmaus on Jan 6, 2019 9:59 AM ()
I would be afraid of what my cats would post about me!
reply by elkhound on Jan 16, 2019 11:10 AM ()
comment by stiva on Jan 5, 2019 6:37 AM ()
I agree with your emoticon!
reply by elkhound on Jan 16, 2019 11:10 AM ()
Mary, I Christmas shop all year round. Catch a bargain that suits someone when you can. Right now, I am stock piling non stick electric omelet makers. they are a real bargain on TJMaxx. Nice it is over for another year. I perish without the sun. I wish I could have sent you our 4 inch snow. It was pretty but I could have done without it.
comment by elderjane on Jan 5, 2019 3:41 AM ()
the problem is I never know what my family will decide to do for gift exchange. Pick a name, white elephant, buy for everyone! Its stressful.
reply by elkhound on Jan 16, 2019 11:11 AM ()
We will have a high of 84 degrees today!!
comment by greatmartin on Jan 4, 2019 7:14 PM ()
by march, i might be ready for that kind of weather.
reply by elkhound on Jan 16, 2019 11:12 AM ()
Sounds like a fun afternoon.
Christmas is interesting hey?
comment by kristilyn3 on Jan 4, 2019 12:35 PM ()
oy vay, the holidays!
reply by elkhound on Jan 16, 2019 11:12 AM ()

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