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Its A New Life For Me

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I am beginning a new journey in life. I am now a single mom raising 2 children and trying to discover me! I am excited for the journey and look forward to the growth!

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My blogging days have come to an end. I can't figure out how to make this private and this is no longer a place of release for me. My husband is still reading my blogs and now assuming things that I d...
About a month ago I blogged about my friend Christopher that sent me a psycho text telling me to "leave me the f*** alone you stupid bitch". I wasn't losing too much sleep over the whole thing but it ...
I have been thinking about Solitaires simple pleasure list. I think it is something everyone should do. There must be little things throughout life that bring us pleasure. Today just thinking about my...
Oh my how my life has changed. My days of leisure have sure disappeared. Since getting the kids back for the week we have really worked hard. I have a lot of respect for Aaron who tackled this last w...
My brain is fried, my body aches and my heart is heavy with worry. So many of you have wondered where I have been and I thank you for your kindness and concern. It really means a lot to me. I have bee...
I have done a lot of crying the last few days. I received a Dear Tanya letter from my ex. It was difficult to read that he has really moved on and no longer has feelings for me. That slim chance, that...
This was a week of a lot of 'firsts' for me. The most important being that my kids were at their Dad's for the first time for a whole week. I'm so glad we didn't do 2 weeks at a time. That would be so...
Every year, for as long as I can remember we go camping for my birthday to a beautiful place called Clear Lake. It is a volcanically made lake that is surrounded by lava rock. Motors from boats are p...
This morning should have been a warning to crawl back into bed! Damn it that I didn't think about it. Two good things though... I found the ring that Aaron gave me and I was able to make it to swimmin...
I had a dream about my husband last night and wanted to be close to him today. The reality of this divorce is really getting to me. Arbitration is on July 3rd and we are so close to agreeing. I reall...
If you opened this, copy and paste to a new page. Then change the answers to your own, and send it to your friends! Learn 50 things about your friends, and let them learn 50 things about you!1. What d...
My children just left to go with their Dad for the week. I started crying like a baby the second they closed the door. My daughter was late getting back from her camping trip and I only got to see he...
The day was perfect. Spontaneity has a way of putting excitement into an otherwise boring day. We were both eager with anticipation. What would the night bring? Our destination was only about an hour...
I feel like I have blogged about this before and I probably have but my husband asked me a few days ago what I talked about with Chris and it made me think. We don't talk often but we do talk. Some ab...
Friday night... I had a great time. I came home from work, kicked off my shoes, cranked up the tunes and cleaned my house. It felt so good to be alone and comfortable doing it.. even though it was onl...