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Every Intention

I had every intention of writing a blog yesterday instead of just copying and pasting the one I wrote Sunday (sans internet). I had every intention to write earlier today as well. Yet it's 11 p.m. and I'm just sitting down to the computer where I want to pour my heart out and tell you, my friends, all about what I've been experiencing. My streak of busy-ness caused by what seems to be bad luck (if I were a girl who believed in luck) has continued.
I woke up yesterday morning and began another new school morning routine. But I didn't get much further than my driveway before realizing that low and behold! I had a flat tire! BIL to the rescue again as he picked us up and dropped Kev, Riss and I all to our respective destinations! Then A to the rescue again because he brought my flat to get repaired, put the donut on my car and picked me up to get my car.
The one thing I was really looking forward to yesterday was the arrival of cable and internet again! The company said they'd call 30 mins ahead and A had said he would go over and sit if it was while I was teaching. Well no phone call and Riss and I pull in the yard at 2:30 and see a yellow slip in the door saying they were there at 1:45 and I needed to reschedule! They said they called but I had no missed call.  I was again saying outloud "you've got to be kidding me!". Luckily when I called they were able to catch the technician and he came back. Only it couldn't go smoothly of course because the existing cable wire was frozen into the ground so the guy had to hook up four new lines, all at a charge to me of course!
I'm beginning to remember a couple of the reasons I'll miss being a homeowner. #1 and only being: I hate dealing with a "manager". Yesterday I get a phone call that it is against policy to have my car jacked up. I swear it couldn't have been jacked up long while he changed it. Luckily for me, her office happens to be in pretty direct view  of my home! Grrr! Then today I come home at lunch to a note with a list of repairs that need to be done. I wonder to myself why she didn't place these demands on the previous owners so they would have done it for me before I bought it! Conspiracy I tell ya! And my mailbox key doesn't work and her answer way "It always worked." I said I'd try again, but it doesn't work and now she wants me to pay $25 replacement fee for this key that I got from the previous owner that "doesn't work".
After a great evening with sis and a great dinner at a new Mexican restaurant, I came home to watch a little t.v. while I blogged. Only it can't be that easy, right? It was showing an error message and a number to call, so I spent 45 mins. on the phone before having t.v. No time to watch it now. There's always hope that tomorrow I'll have time to sit and enjoy the things I'm working so hard for.

posted on Apr 1, 2008 8:40 PM ()

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