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Friday, Mar 28th, 2008 -- You could be feeling over stimulated, so it's a good idea to do whatever soothes your nervous system today. Bring yourself back down to earth by enjoying a leisurely nature walk or listening to relaxing music. No matter how busy your day becomes, take a break by stepping away from all the noise.

I'm at a standstill with moving into my new home and I'm very impatient. The futon I've been awaiting the delivery of for Kev to sleep on arrived today. Only it turns out that I didn't order a futon at all. I ordered a $110. futon COVER! All that waiting just so I could return it and be back at square minus one because now this is just another item that needs to be picked up in a truck and the only one I know with a truck is HIM. And today he's completely different than yesterday and not as eager to help or as compassionate and friendly towards me. Today is the kind of day intended to remind me why we're apart.

So tonight he has the kids and I should be doing something social probably, but here I sit. And it's not the sitting that's the problem. If I want to rest and it truly is making me happy to sit here alone, then let it be. But the problem is that I'm sitting and sulking. Even though I know it doesn't help matters in the least. Even though I know that the only one I'm hurting is me. Here is sit with tears in my eyes.

I feel overwhelmed. It snowed 5 freaking inches here today! That's just not cool. So I had to shovel. This is supposed to be freaking Spring! I lost my phone today. It's always something. I just can't seem to keep track of everything.

I want beds and cable in my new house and I want to have the feeling again of being able to go "home". I want to choose to be busy, not be forced to be busy.

posted on Mar 28, 2008 6:03 PM ()


Just take a few minutes for yourself..and breathe...we all have those ###### days.. If you need to cleans the soul..*hugs*
comment by elfie33 on Mar 29, 2008 9:18 AM ()
What a bummer. I can't believe you had snow. Honey, come on down South with me. The high today was 82 and the wisteria and azaleas are blooming, the only drawback is that crappy yellow pine pollen is EVERYWHERE. By the way, it's ok to sulk and it's ok to cry. Crying is great therapy.
comment by gapeach on Mar 28, 2008 7:57 PM ()
oh geeze i had the same kinda day and believe it or not it snowed here to. Where is spring? I hope it all changes for you soon.
comment by wickedwitchofthewest on Mar 28, 2008 6:48 PM ()
I would definitely feel as frustrated as you do. I know that things will sort themselves out, but that doesn't mean it is not a pain in the butt in the meanwhile. I am thinking of you. I wish there was something I could to help.
comment by lunarhunk on Mar 28, 2008 6:34 PM ()

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