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Life & Events > Curtains, Covid, Klingons

Curtains, Covid, Klingons

Last week I got together with 3 of my 4 sisters for a birthday, and it was wonderful because of how long it's been. And I heard from my long-lost youngest sister out in Utah too. The world is different there. The Mormons have huge families; her town is small so when she goes anywhere she's always running into neighbors; however, her immediate neighbors are spaced far, far apart and she'd have to hike a ways to see more than 2.

It's funny how alike you and siblings can remain, depending on circumstances. The youngest, Yvonne, and I started (inevitably, because we are weird) talking about Star Trek after a while on the phone, and we discovered we agree who the utterly best character is in any of the additional series Voyager/Deep Space Nine/Enterprise. (It's Shran the Andorian!)

I've been online shopping for curtains for my living room, which has 3 walls of windows so it will be expensive to redo. I've had dark cranberry colored long curtains for about 12, 13 years and I am dreadfully sick of the color. They serve the purpose of keeping it dim enough and cool, but I need a change. The carpet is tan, the couch and recliner are black, so I could easily go with light blue or tan drapes.

All I find for a price I can afford is that awful microfiber, which looks like something you'd make medical supplies out of. And most of them have metal grommets, which won't work, because my rods are those cheap cafe ones that you don't want showing. I think this week I'll look in the Red White & Blue store, which in the past used to have tons of curtains. If I can find sets of curtains that coordinate, like blue and tan together, it could work out.

Yvonne asked me if events this year make me want to write fiction based on them. I had to say no. Besides not wanting to live through a lot of it again, I think when stories are based on real-life catastrophes, you have to write it very, very, very well -- or it seems cheap. Your version of events needs to be well-formed, well-thought-out, and insightful or leading others to new thoughts about it. I don't have enough to offer on pandemics, police brutality & rampant racism, disgusting autocratic ignorant administrations, or inhuman politicians. I have a vague compulsion to go live in a commune and take care of people. Business is pretty revolting.

posted on June 21, 2020 2:45 PM ()


I have lost track of the number of times I have seen each of the original Star Trek shows. Couldn't stand Kirk but I'm still pining for Spock and hope to meet him in the Great Galaxy Beyond. We need new curtains in the living room. Ours are so full of holes from the climbing kitties that looking at them from outside at night they appear to be a star speckled sky.
comment by janett on July 11, 2020 8:15 PM ()
Re Star Trek, I never watched the first series, thought it was juvenile. I loved TNG series in the early 90s. Data was my favorite character. That was a while ago. I am back normal to now. One of the nurses on my husband's home care rotation loved Jonathan Frakes. One of the nurses, Anthony, whose brother is Tate Donovan, the actor, was a control freak withe the remote and we used to fight over it.
comment by tealstar on June 22, 2020 6:28 AM ()
Yes, the original show was often stupid. Some say that William Shatner was still playing the same role when he was put in Third Rock From The Sun, where he played a greedy, buffoonish alien leader.
reply by drmaus on June 22, 2020 12:21 PM ()
I always thought Counselor was so beautiful. she was my favorite. mainly because I liked looking at her. I like your idea of adding a contrasting color to your drapes and adding length to Laura's.
comment by elderjane on June 22, 2020 5:41 AM ()
I loved it when Counselor Troi showed up in NCIS as the head of Mossad. She was very believable.
reply by drmaus on June 22, 2020 12:19 PM ()
My renters have those grommet curtains, and I think the grommets cause the measurements to be off, so they aren't long enough - look like high water drapes, not very attractive. The previous girlfriend picked out the window coverings, and I reimbursed her for them, but they're so ugly-looking I'll probably replace most of them when he moves. It is possible that the windows are too high, or the curtain rods that Mr. TroutBend installed are too high. At the time I forgot to tell him to measure as if for drapes commonly available. I don't have the heart to make him re-do it, might hire some handy man, or maybe there will be a tenant who cares enough to move the rods.
comment by traveltales on June 21, 2020 9:12 PM ()
It's a pain but renters might do it poorly. I have to move two curtain rods upward by about an inch because the old landlord left no room for a support bar that is needed in the middle. I'm not great with a drill, so we'll see. If your tenant could just add some length to the curtains instead...
reply by drmaus on June 21, 2020 10:37 PM ()
Oh you Trekies!!! There is no living with you!!
comment by greatmartin on June 21, 2020 2:49 PM ()
Yep. I could send her a postcard saying nothing but "Qaplah!" or "Darmok on the ocean" and in either case, she'd know exactly what I meant.
reply by drmaus on June 21, 2020 3:46 PM ()

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