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I’m just stumbling along through life.

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I don't know if this is something that happens to everyone or just me. Whenever I voice an opinion or complain about something people feel the need to tell me how wrong I am. My mother did it to me. A...
What is the matter with me? I can't stand the stench of the neighbour's fabric softener wafting out through their dryer vent. I must retreat into my house when they light up their stinky, skunk joints...
Hubby bought me a cell phone three years ago. Six months later we had a little family reunion with my siblings. At that time I gave them my new phone number. I didn't need to bother because none of th...
What's up with all the toilet paper hoarding? Do these morons know Covid-19 is an upper respiratory ailment and does not produce any lower digestive problems? My last grocery shopping trip consisted o...
Late last summer/early autumn the bitch who lives behind us acquired a puppy. It was a quiet pup and made no noise at night so I assumed it was being properly taken care of. Recently I noticed the dog...
We got new neighbours not too long ago. They look like a respectable couple with 2 little kids but they're not. They are potheads. They live down wind of us and every time they light up they stink up ...
I recently attended a charity event. The food was awful. The band too loud. There wasn’t enough seating. The entertainment was overweight strippers which I, fortunately, didn’t have to w...
I am oh so tired. I’m woken up early every morning. I don’t think I could sleep late even if I had the opportunity. I don’t sleep very restfully and I have trouble falling asleep....