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Hi, I'm Bobby Depp, Johnny's younger and hotter brother. Go ahead, take a good look. I don't mind. ;>

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I'm pretty much leaving here. I haven't felt "safe" here for a long time. I do have a new blog elsewhere, but I'm not ready to share it. I will still be reading and commenting, just not posting.My big...
I touched 5 dogs on my run today! EEeek!The first two, both black labs/retriever type looking dogs usually just bark from their yard. Then I noticed the gate was open. And they noticed too, and came r...
My mother hasn't given ME a personal xmas gift for quite a few years now. The kids and my husband get personal gifts, it's just me that is left out. I got.... drum roll.... cleaning cloths!! Okay, my ...
(from a song playing in my head)Oh the shit flying around here.I feel like too much is hitting me at once: work, home, friends, family.Drama at work - I'm taking next week off to get a good break from...
And now I feel more prepared to run in colder weather.My tallest running socks (which are ankle height) don't quite meet the bottom of my winter running tights (long legs). That little patch of skin d...
My arms are sore from typing and computer use at work so I haven't been using my computer at home. I'll post more when it gets better. Not carpel tunnel, just tendinitis, but it still hurts. :(...
On Sunday, it was windy. I looked at the wind and decided it would be an indoor day. With the wind, your eyes would be full of dirt in no time.And it got windier, and windier...The city's downtown got...
You'd have to live in a remote shack by yourself with no contact with other people to avoid drama all together, but I have way too much ##### drama in my life.Most of it isn't even mine. :(Let's see, ...
I top off the water trough on Friday night. Saturday morning, it's down to just an inch of ice on the bottom and the heater is above the water line. There is ice leading out from the base of the troug...
I finished off the calendar I'm making for xmas and submitted it for printing. At only $10 each it makes a cheap gift. But not without hassle!I decided that I would create a collage for each page myse...
OMG! I try to go with an open mind, and to be tolerant, but I just can't help it.MIL is a freaking nag and her elevator no longer goes to the top floor.She says something about getting a new TV servic...
So much for my long run. It was cold with a very strong wind and I only lasted 25 minutes running into the wind before I turned back. And it took 20 minutes to get back with the tail wind! Two BIG dog...
Day 1 was pretty good. I got to sleep in a bit, then went to yoga/pilates class. Ouch! I'm sore from the Thursday class I did with the same instructor, so it was tough in parts. I really didn't want t...
I don't have anything as exciting as disappearing nuts to report. I can report that I'm working too many hours, that I'm running often, that it's cold out, that my kids are doing well in school, I'm s...
The family whose house burned down are doing well. They got tons of community support, and are now in a rental house in town. A developer offered them 6 months free condo rental or $10k. They took the...