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Some of you might know me as janetk...some of you might not know me at all...I can't decide which is better. I am a single mother of three. My oldest daughter, Livi, is nine. Erica is seven and my little guy, Julian, is three. Julian has had some special needs since birth and most recently has been put on the autism spectrum. Caring for him, fighting for him, advocating for him (and for my daughters) and living with him has become my full time job and while I am many people all wrapped up into one, lately it seems as though I am Julian's Mom most of the time. I started this blog, not to educate or advocate for children with special needs but rather to be honest about what it's like to be their parent...the funny times, the hard times, the times you want to throw in the towel and the times that take your breath away with the beauty of it all. In short...sometimes I just have to get it out. It is my sincere hope that I meet some other parents of special needs children, parents of neurotypical children and non parents alike. And I hope you enjoy some tales from life on the spectrum.

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You know, I have tried blogging at least three or four times over the last week or so. But each and every post was abandoned about halfway through. I've been really scatterbrained lately. A few really...
I should really be in the bath right now.There is some kind of awful cold going around. That's the trouble with this fall weather, no? It just breeds viruses. It's hard to hate warm, sunshine-y days b...
There is nothing like a quiet Saturday, alone.It is remarkably warm for September and all of the windows in my house are open, letting in a warm, gentle breeze that smells like smoke and grass and som...
These posts are getting shorter and shorter! I can hardly believe it. Do you think it's possible that I'm getting less wordy? Meh. Probably not. I'm just gettin busier.This week is a killer.Monday, I ...
Randy will be happy.I only have twenty minutes before I have to start making an after school snack for the girls and then I have to walk a ways up the road to the bus stop to get them.How much can I s...
You might not think there would be any good in the ghetto given my negative description in my last post but there was (is?). While everything I talked about in the last post was absolutely true, there...
The trouble with returning to a blog site after a long absence is that one really doesn't know where to start. To go back to where we left off would have us sitting here for ages and would likely be r...
I may never blog again.For starters, I *still* don't have Internet at home. I do have a borrowed netbook, loaded with all sorts of inappriopriate schtuff, sitting on my dresser, but I haven't been abl...
You're either really, really lucky or really, really tortured. I am able to post one more little something before the laptop leaves my house for good tonight. I have so much to do today...way too much...
Like a disgusting earwig that refuses to die no matter HOW many times you stomp on it....I'm still here.I convinced my mother to let her laptop hang out on my kitchen table for a few more days. It was...
I am not an emotional eater. Not at all. If anything, when stress strikes, I tend to *not* eat. And yet, all evening, I have sat here at the table, tapping away on my mother's borrowed laptop and cybe...
I don’t have anything substantial or significant to write about this morning. Just a whole lot of little nothings. But as Laura troutbend said in a recent post, it’s wonderful to have th...
The sun is shining.How can it * not * be a good day when the sun is shining?We have had buckets and buckets of snow dropped on us from the heavens over the last three days and I have spent countless h...
I feel as though I should provide a little update before I copy and paste that Christmas thingie from Randy solitaire’s blog. But then that would be a post in and of itself, no? So maybe Iâ€...
I am in a certain amount of denial over the amount of time that has elapsed since my last blog post.That’s December for you, eh? The days melt into weeks as waxy chocolates are pried from their...