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Technically Beset

I'm using Ed’s computer. Mine wasn’t booting up properly. I’d get a screen that included a line that said something about imminent failure. And if you pressed the F1 key, the boot would continue and all seemed well. But this kept happening. I thought it was time I discussed this with my expert and called Cee at her shop as soon as we got back from our hurricane haven on Wednesday and a Spanish speaking woman named Maria answered. I apologized and tried again and got Maria. And her sister, who is better with English got on the phone and said that the no. I am using has been her sister’s no. for 10 years. I looked the shop up on line and it listed the number Maria kept answering. I had about decided to just to there but tried the number once more, and got the shop. Now that is eerie.

Cee said, after I read to her what the screen had been saying (which I laboriously copied down word for word) that I should shut down now, immediately, do not pass Go, do not collect $200, or be at risk of losing everything – programs, data, etc., because it was warning me that my hard drive is about to go kaput and the more I used it, the worse it would get. And, of course, nothing is backed up. Today, an odd piece of equipment that I found in a box somewhere and put on the table to ask Ed about, turned out to be a back-up drive. Well, sheesh. But no point in pushing the envelope, so I’ll bite the bullet with my computer shut down all weekend. And yes I am having withdrawal symptoms. So Monday, I lug the tower in to Cee’s shop and take a book because it will take hours as she flits from project to project. Or I can leave it there and go away and go back when it’s all done instead of hovering hoping all will be well in a short time and I can load it up and take it home. Several hundred dollars later, if she replaces the hard drive.

Also, my cell phone, an old model that doesn’t do anything smart, that I inherited from Ed when my old phone got dropped beyond repair, isn’t charging. I have changed chargers twice and it still won’t charge. Ed says I should take it in to Batteries Plus and get the internal battery changed. Well, I can try that, or I can join the 21st Century and get a smart phone and join the plan I got for Ed when I bought him a smart phone because there will be a discount for an extra phone. Maybe I’ll do that. It will be a learning curve. I’m kind of leaning in that direction because it is seductive to do all the stuff that can be done assuming, of course, that my brain cooperates.

Any suggestions? Should I go the distance and get a smart phone?

xx, Teal

posted on Sept 16, 2017 2:07 PM ()


I didn't have a cell phone until Don gave me an iPhone for my last birthday. I love the text feature...and the camera...and the internet...and, oh ya, the phone part is good too.
comment by nittineedles on Sept 17, 2017 3:35 PM ()
It has to be worth the expense to you -- you might want to survey friends on how they use their smartphones. Some people just love a couple of apps and wouldn't do without them. Mine is vital for work -- I can use Skype and never be out of contact with a friend in another country. The convenient camera is a plus; and if my computer died I wouldn't be without internet and email (because my email is yahoo and other web-based ones). But a flat smartphone is much different to carry around than a little candy-bar phone, and I had to get a special tiny purse just for the phone, that goes over my neck and shoulder to keep it safe. I have to remember it's a computer and keep it from dampness and injury. I also put rubber on it to give it grip. I should really go get a decent silicone case.
comment by drmaus on Sept 17, 2017 8:08 AM ()
Yes. I'll have to lean on a couple of friends who are very good at this stuff. Ed sometimes gets angry with his phone. He doesn't use the apps, but likes that the plan is cheaper than what he had before.
reply by tealstar on Sept 17, 2017 1:28 PM ()
I don't have a smart phone and really resent people coming to see me and then spending all their time on their phones. I may have to get one in self defense. I read in an AARP magazine that the best thing to do when a computer freezes or acts up is to turn it off immediately.
comment by elderjane on Sept 17, 2017 6:17 AM ()
I would never choose diddling with my phone when I am with friends. I also never like if I am a guest, the phone rings, and my friend then chats with another friend for a long time while I am there. Which has happened, and leaves me wondering if that friend is worth keeping.
reply by tealstar on Sept 17, 2017 1:23 PM ()
Yes, get the smart phone just in case there will be some one app that you'll find very helpful some day. It can be something as obscure as telling you what's on sale at the grocery store that week. You don't have to go overboard with learning all the new apps and things, take it at your own pace. I found the worst of it was that with my flip phone I had a little key pad, and smart phone has one on screen, and it's hard for me to touch the correct buttons when I try to type text. After that big storm, I'm glad this is your biggest problem.
comment by troutbend on Sept 16, 2017 2:41 PM ()
Make no mistake, I'm well aware of escaping being wiped out or killed and I am very mindful of those who have been severely impacted and have contributed to helping organizations. Yes, happy problems. I'll have to really work on understanding the thing. I don't even text.
reply by tealstar on Sept 17, 2017 1:26 PM ()

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