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I am.......many things and yet nothing at all. I don't say that in a bad way. As a grain of sand on a beach....I am just one tiny spec in this world. I love my life. I am happily in love with the man of my dreams, sharing our lives. I am the mother of two beautiful children, 1 stepson (although I hate that term) and many MANY "adopted" children (friend's children, my children's friends, etc). I have one beautiful biological grandson (four grandsons in total) and another grandchild on the way. I am true to myself, and an honest and loyal friend. I hate controversy. I'm not into debates. I believe in the Power of Positive Thinking. And I firmly believe that every single person is entitled to their own point of view, their own opinion. I won't beat you over the head with mine and I'd appreciate it if you wouldn't try to beat yours into me either. Let's just agree to disagree. If I write things you don't like, then please, just click off the page and find something else to read. If you find me offensive, then by all means, don't come back. I'll do the same when I visit your page. Welcome to my world. It can be a roller coaster, but that's okay. Life would be pretty dull if we didn't hit a few ups and downs every now and then. Read on....if you're so inclined!

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Driving home from work yesterday, I witnessed, albeit through the rearview mirror, a rather spectacular site. Here is what happened.As I was driving along, I noticed ahead of me, several vehicles and ...
I don't know, I feel like maybe I've written this before.....maybe it's just that I've thought about it a lot and talked about it more than I should have that makes it feel that way. If I have, oh wel...
My life is like a jigsaw puzzle. It takes all those little pieces, put together in their own specific order, piece by piece, until I reach the end, when my puzzle will be complete. Unlike most jigsaw ...
I'm sure this will be considered extremely controversial content. Reader Beware!Why is it that so many people, may I venture to say "most" people, feel so strongly that everything they say and think i...
This is probably, most definitely, assuredly, absolutely, positively, sort of, maybe, kind of......a post with controversial content. Not only because it is my opinion and thoughts and your opinion an...
According to Wikipedia: " Judgment is the evaluation of evidence in the making of a decision. The term has four distinct uses: 1) Informal - Opinions expressed as facts. 2) Informal and psychological ...
Awhile back, I was looking through one of those "Wal-Martians" emails that I seem to get so often. One of the pictures was titled "Twirl Once" was a "rearview" picture...a woman's derriere. Sh...
We're having an A/C saga here. The main unit in our RV quit blowing cold air. I cleaned the filter. No help. I talked Josh into getting on top of the trailer and cleaning it with the hose. No help. I ...
TV ads ...... for the most part, they are nothing more than an assault on the intelligence of the viewer. Maybe it goes back to how I was raised. Maybe it is what I have learned as I have matured. It ...
Yesterday was one of those life milestone days for me. It was 30 years ago yesterday that my life was blessed again, with the birth of my beautiful daughter. So hard to believe that my BABY is 30! Wow...
WARNING! This post MAY contain controversial subject matter. Read at your own risk!I will first state that difference is a beautiful thing. Just imagine if we were all the same. How boring would that ...
Nope....not playing "Who Wants to be a Millionaire"....not looking to 'phone a friend'....I'm looking to FIND a friend. Wait....I think I have friends it's not like I'm trying to 'find A...
From a post I made on another site. I find this rather humorous! Here ya go:Wow! That's just about all I can say. It seems no matter what I post, without my selection of that little 'Yes" box, it is d...
We cannot see beyond the moment in which we are living. Not even those who are "psychic". We can only guess at what is next. We use the laws of probability to come up with the most likely scenario. Bu...
I seriously dislike election years. And every year seems to be an election year in one sense or another. It is our civic duty to participate in the election process, and yet it is difficult to even wa...