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Life & Events > Voting and Avoiding the Virus

Voting and Avoiding the Virus

One of the take aways from Biden’s continuing wins in the Democratic primaries is that Iowa may just have passed its sell by date with regard to mirroring the will of the country.

I had errands to do today. Ed tried to talk me out of shopping, and wanted the young daughter of our good friend, Jean, to do it for me. But I ruled against it because my list is involved and there were decisions to be made in the store. But my first stop was the polling place located on Pine Island at the Lutheran church. I was the only voter there when I went in (about 12:30). There is a lot of early voting in Florida. They wiped my driver’s license with an antiseptic cloth. I had a disposable exam glove on my right hand. Before that, I had used Clorox wipes to clean the steering wheel, every door knob, my cell phone, all the landline walk around phones at home. They were so nice at the polling place. The ballot only dealt with the presidential nomination and contained about 20 names – all those who had dropped out.

As for the store, there were a lot of totally empty shelves. No antiseptic wipes, no butter, for pete’s sake, so I bought Irish butter, whatever the hell that is. I got the last can of corned beef hash. I stocked up on prepared meals and bought two wedges of cheese cake too, so there. We polished those off at dinner.

Ed didn’t go with me because it is a closed primary and he is still a registered Republican. He votes for the Dems now but says he likes to keep his registration so he can vote in the closed Republican primary and screw them up. Also he keeps getting mail from them and fills out the questionnaires with answers he knows they’ll hate.

Trump was on TV telling it like it wasn’t. He claimed he knew from the start that the pandemic was serious business. I admit I have concerns about us – we are in the “at risk” group and Ed has heart issues. He’s doing better, walking with a cane – thrilled to give up the walker which he hated. Also, it wouldn’t fit through our doorways in the house. I had to move the kitty pans. Everything is back to normal. Ed is getting his own coffee and a couple of mornings he fed the cats. Tyler is a hoot. He loves water He jumps into the bathtub and licks whatever is left over from when it was last used. So when I want to take a hot tub, I have to clean it first. But I love my cats and they’re worth the fuss.

xx, Teal

posted on Mar 17, 2020 9:52 PM ()


I had to make an appointment with the coagulation specialist yesterday and before they would let us into the hospital, we had to have our temperatures taken and get a sticker. Since we were out, I made the drug store run. I forgot tylenol though but found a fantastic new shade of lipstick. Sort of a muted coral. Tina will come today to clean but I count her as an essential contact.
comment by elderjane on Mar 18, 2020 3:47 AM ()
Afterthought: I recommend L'Oreal #760 -- it's an iridescent pale pink.
reply by tealstar on Mar 18, 2020 10:16 AM ()
I get close to my cleaning people and sometimes a hug is exchanged. That's out now. Also, no hand shakes. Ed's physical therapist is super careful, disinfecting his car between stops, not wanting to transfer the infection from house to house. It's awful, and we have to get through it. Ed went to his lawyer's office today but business was transacted through the car window.
reply by tealstar on Mar 18, 2020 10:14 AM ()

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