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Life & Events > A True Story from the 60s

A True Story from the 60s

I was looking at some archived reminiscences in the computer and found this.

I wrote this in the late 90s.

It has been many years since I thought of Lenore. The other day I came across a folder with notes I had made about her. Here is her story:
We became acquainted in ballet class. We were avid amateurs. I worked in an office and took class three nights a week. Lenore was a suburban housewife who took class when she could find the time and money.
Lenore was about 5 ft. 3, with beautiful red hair, and a body that was responding well to exercise. She was shy and angelic looking. At 27, she had been married about 12 years and had two children.
She was very genuine and I warmed to her. We became friends and would often stop for coffee after class.
Lenore’s husband was a guide on a sight-seeing bus during the summer. During the winter off-season he did nothing. He felt that alternate work as a driver or chauffeur was far inferior to the exalted position of tour guide and did not want to lower himself. Finances got thin, Lenore had to put off bill collectors and scavenge for food to keep the chidren fed. She told me she was prone to hysterical fits of screaming. However, she said, she loved her husband and would never leave him.
One night she told me she had met a wealthy Jewish businessman in his early forties named David. Lenore, also Jewish, told herself she was not going to fall in love but would just see him for fun. David thought of himself as dynamic and “sharp” as we said then. He owned a split-level, his wife had long red fingernails, lacquered blonde hair, a leathery Florida tan, and drove a white Cadillac. In spite of herself, Lenore began to fall for David. “I won’t get hurt,” she said.
The relationship changed dramatically, however, when David brought his boyhood friend, Sam, along on one of their dates. .”We do everything together” David explained. Sam, Lenore relates, was “terribly sweet” so after a suitable pause for effect, she agreed to be with both of them. They gave her presents and money, which she accepted because her husband was such a neanderthal about working. The money paid for her ballet classes and shoes for the kids.
The situation had its ups and downs because Lenore, basically a sensitive type, became upset when David and Sam began to bring other girls into the group, some of whom were bisexual. But she let the men talk her into a three-way sexual afternoon, and “it was strange” she reported but “not unpleasant”. Then there was talk of not giving her money anymore. After all, wasn’t this enjoyment among friends? Lenore loved the excitement, but she thught this was bad politics on her part and refused to go along.
David experienced this as a blow to his ego. To retaliate, he and Sam gave Lenore the impression they were somewhat tired of her and went away on a business trip. “Call us when we get back,” they said.
But Lenore did not call. She was pretty sure it was over anyway. I played older sister and was supportive, all the while hoping she could find a more wholesome solution to her life.
After that Lenore disappeared from class and I had a mental picture of her husband having found her out and beating her to a pulp. I had seen him and he looked the type.
Months later she showed up with the sequel. She was terribly out of dance condition as she had been active only in bed . I gave her hell for skipping class (I was kind of holy about class). She had indeed not called David but he had called her at home. Fortunately her husband was out. They had a long talk and he told her how much he missed her. They begin to date again.
The week following their renewed affair, David brought along two new men, Saul and Norman, and a girl, Janine. After a sumptuous dinner they all went to a hotel room. Before this Lenore hadn’t been in a situation where everyone was in one room and there was no privacy. She was nervous. Janine invited Lenore to take a shower.. When they came out, the three men were nude, and Saul, whom Lenore described as “Special”, started drying her with a towel. He was terribly sensual. And attractive. And well-endowed. Lenore was very drawn to him. Later she and Special and Norman were having three-way sex, and David was in a corner with Janine. It seems that while she and Janine were in the shower, the boys had a council and the guests decided they didn’t want any part of Janine, whom they thought “cheap”.
After this evening, Lenore began to see David and Saul together and separately. And David was now really jealous because he could see that Lenore and Saul had a unique bond -- it was smouldering looks, private jokes, and tender moments. Mr. Dynamic felt it below the belt.
About then, Lenore’s younger sister, Sandy, joined the group. At 18 Sandy had married her boyhood sweetheart. Now she had outgrown him. “She’s much happier” reported Lenore, having found this outlet.
Finally, Lenore, who always had a generous nature, invited me to meet her friends for “drinks and dinner” some nice night when I didn’t have to be home early. I said no, not for several years, thanks (make that never I thought). Well, that’s where we left it. Lenore had also asked me if she could use the office-apartment I worked in for her trysts now and then, but though I worked alone and my boss traveled constantly, I thought this was an intensely risky thing to do and said no. Lenore was very disappointed and I got the impression she thought I was not a true friend. We lost touch after that and I never saw her again.

I don't really remember what she looked like anymore. I wonder if I would know her even if I saw her as she was then.

posted on Oct 24, 2019 5:58 PM ()


This is a fascinating story and I will bet Lenore ended up abused and with poor self esteem. The lout she was married to who wouldn't work
was probably complicit or she would not have been able to get out of the
house so much for recreational and monetarily rewarded sex. Money and
comment by elderjane on Oct 25, 2019 3:55 AM ()
Interesting story. It may be generalizing, but I’ll bet David and his buddies had a little trouble finding ladies so interested in a regular diet of group shenanigans if money was not involved.
comment by drmaus on Oct 24, 2019 7:58 PM ()
Oh, or drugs.
reply by drmaus on Oct 24, 2019 8:00 PM ()

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