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Computers, Beds, Etc.

We have both our computers updated and installed. Ed did the new one and I checked the Word program (no icon, I had to hunt for it), and my Word directory was not there. I decided not to panic until we got the old computer going. I did that all by myself this morning. Connected everything proper. But Ed had to help me with the internet connection. My directory is there.

Both have Windows 10, since the techie at Staples said it would be no problem to get it installed properly on the old computer. The Windows 8 menu that lurked to the right of the screen and the cursor had to find it in the nether margin is gone. So we’re back to just clicking on an icon that is on your home screen. Duh.

I have put the monitor on a low teak cabinet in our bedroom that was used for dvd storage and the like. I sit on a foot-high kitchen stool to use it. This is temporary. I will be getting a computer desk. I thought I would just get a table with a slide-out keyboard shelf, but it would be nice to have a file drawer and a tower cabinet. So I’m going for that.

The thing is that whenever you buy office furniture or anything besides dressers and cabinets, it needs assembly. So if Ed doesn’t get to it, the desk will sit in boxes for a while. I bought a bedside table on rollers. It has been sitting in its box for 3 weeks. It will be very useful. Ed gets calls at all hours, and has to get out of bed to access his night stand because of the raised back of the adjustable bed. Also, one can keep the remote that operates the bed on the bedside table. I just bought one to see how well it works. If we like it, I’ll buy one for myself. I am always burying my remote in the covers.

But we do like the beds. Ed said, after an adjustment period during which he fulmed, that he was sleeping better.
Also, I found a place on line (my friend, John, recommended it) to buy Tempurpedic fitted sheets (twin size) for a split king that are deep enough that they don’t roll off when the bed is raised. It is called Sheet People. Check it out. The sheets are buttery soft.

xx. Teal

posted on Aug 23, 2015 9:55 AM ()


It all sounds great, especially the beds and computers that behave.
comment by elderjane on Aug 24, 2015 3:11 AM ()
I'm so pleased to have a computer all to myself. I didn't know how good that would feel. Now I have to change the name and photo on the sign-up screen. When we left New York, Ed said there was no room for my desk so we left it behind. Then he wanted me to give up the two file drawers I use for my stuff, and didn't want me to use the well in the file cabinet next to the computer for ongoing writing. I rebelled at that. It will be great to have my own work space. Incidentally, some time ago Ed bought a piece of equipment that converts long-playing records into CDs. It has a large turntable. He has never used it. It takes up the top file space on the cabinet next to the computer. I can't even put a piece of paper on it. I have asked him to move it. No dice. Men can be so unreasonable.
reply by tealstar on Aug 24, 2015 6:45 AM ()
Hurray for working computers -- and comfortable beds. Now you need someone to put together the furniture. That aspect always makes me consider getting a secondhand item. It's hard on the hands to assemble stuff. Right now I'm selling some big furniture pieces and replacing them with smaller things I can push around without help. Also, the doors to this house are all very narrow. So I look at dropleaf tables now. I had to completely take apart my former dining room table to sell it.
comment by drmaus on Aug 23, 2015 5:06 PM ()

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