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Air Conditioner Scam

We have a contract with an air conditioning firm who checks our equipment twice a year and advises us of problems. Six months ago, Ed went for one recommendation that was pricey. Two guys came a couple of days ago. Ed had to be out, said I should handle it.They showed me photos of the godawful mess in our attic – water everywhere, rusted coil, etc. The guy went on a really long time . I kept telling him I got the message, I understood, would discuss it with Ed. He wouldn't shut up. I began to suspect that the photos on his phone he was showing me were standard, taken elsewhere, and being used to hotbox me into a costly replacement of our air conditioner and condenser. $5500, they said.

So when Ed got home, I suggested he check the attic out or have our handyman do it, but instead we called a local a/c guy.Tiger had sold the company, but the fellow who now owned it sent a young guy out,very knowledgeable. He came later the same afternoon and was very thorough. Said there was very little water and no corrosion. Suspicions confirmed. We told him the name of the company with the disaster story, and he said they had changed their name from something else because there had been so many complaints. Obviously, we will not renew our contract and will make a deal with this guy instead.

Ed wanted to call the company and ream them out, but I persuaded him not to. Said we shouldn't give them a heads up. We should just report them to the Better Business Bureau and not renew the contract when it was time.

They will probably follow up to make the sale of the new a/c and I am wondering how I will handle that. Should I tell them we know?

Live and learn

xx, Teal

posted on July 26, 2019 11:21 AM ()


Because of all the frauds and scams, I'm met with great skepticism by senior citizens who could actually benefit from my service as a health and life insurance agent. There are shysters out there, and they're making hard on those of us who genuinely want to help. GOOD LUCK sorting the goodies from the baddies!
comment by jerms on July 28, 2019 8:37 PM ()
You can't cancel the contract at any time? Personally I'd be so pissed in that situation that I'd say something next time they came around. Maybe you have more self-control!
comment by jjoohhnn on July 27, 2019 4:23 PM ()
You have to be on guard all the time. It is exhausting. They manage to get our ages and assume we are all senile and can be frightened into submission.
comment by elderjane on July 27, 2019 2:31 AM ()
That was a near miss. Showing fake pictures - what a nerve.
comment by traveltales on July 26, 2019 3:21 PM ()
Between them and the bogus calls from the "IRS" and callers pretending to be from my phone provider saying my account is "blocked", and the Indians who want to mess with my computer, and the kid who says he's my grandson, "Don't ya know me Grandma?" I've got to be aware all the time. It's exhausting.
reply by tealstar on July 26, 2019 4:35 PM ()
I think your instinct to leave them in ignorance for now is a good idea. And make sure your contract doesn’t automatically renew. (Having a photo taken each time someone goes up into the attic seems like a good practice.)
After my electrical adventures, I'm now up to 5 destroyed surge protectors plus one worldband radio. Houses are such fun.
comment by drmaus on July 26, 2019 2:36 PM ()
We gave them a check for the contract, so they can't automatically renew without asking for money, which they won't get.
reply by tealstar on July 26, 2019 2:45 PM ()

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