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The Aftermath

In the aftermath, I am throwing out Ziggy’s meds, cleaning cat brushes and random vomit I didn’t get to, and feeling devastated while I do it all. Ed wants to look at possible adoptions at the shelter and I haven’t been up to it.

I went through the process of getting a state issued Marijuana card and need to get some stuff from the authorized vendor, a place called Trulieve. The problem is that the wait time is minimum two hours. I went a day ago and couldn’t wait and thought I would order on line, but that, too, is involved. I tried to get their hours, but a call to them deals with everything else but not when they are open. I thought I could get there and be the first one in line. It’s a half hour away by car. After giving up on Trulieve, I had a doctor’s appointment and stopped for a bagel and coffee. That was lunch. Appetite still not there, thought of food, nauseating. My appointment was for 2:45. Doctor saw me at 4:30. And, of course, he had no answer for what is bothering me – not life threatening, but a quality of life issue that interferes with appetite.

My doctor’s “solution” to my problem was to stop all vitamins and supplements and after a waiting period, add them back one at a time, to see if one of them was the problem. Okay, okay, an oily mouth –- not, the doctor insists, a yeast infection of any kind. So, after resisting his advice, I gave in, also due to pressure from Ed, whose medical background weighed in and he said, “do it”. So I “did it”. After 10 days of cold turkey, I could barely get out of bed, totally listless, looked so bad that my bff, Nadine, showed up to take me to lunch and wouldn’t let me leave the house. Said she didn’t want to be around me if I was going to die on her. Also, the med I take for back spasms stopped working and I was in a lot of pain. In 10 days, I aged 10 years.

I take five supplements . They support energy, vigor, skin, and heart. Apparently they are working. So I went back on everything and immediately started to feel better, although it took days for the back med to kick in again. I am using essential oils and the doc said to stop those too, so I have. We’ll see. I have another doc date in July. I’ll take a book, maybe more than one.

I was tired, out of it, and a bit worried about driving back, but I made myself do it. I was okay. That’s the problem with this area – no public transportation. One bus goes by once a day just in case you need it. And it doesn’t deal with side streets.

After my bad day, Ed took me out to dinner and we tried a new place which, for me, was not good because it was Eastern European – Balkan and something else – and 9 out of 10 menus choices were bratwurst and schnitzel and I am having trouble eating meat lately. So I ordered the bratwurst and ate a little, forcing it down because not eating is bad. They haven’t heard about salads.

Later, I Was so tired from the day that I did NONE of my nighttime routines, didn’t even brush my teeth or clean the kitchen, turned off Rachel Maddow in the middle, just toppled into bed. None of me wanted to function. No stretches, no jumps, no push-ups.


xx, Teal

posted on May 6, 2019 9:43 AM ()


I hope things get better for you soon, Teal.
comment by traveltales on May 8, 2019 8:47 AM ()
Losing Ziggy was like losing a family member. A sweet kitten would help you recover, I know it feels disloyal but there is a shelter pet out there who needs love and a home. I take a lot of supplements and at our age, I think we need all the help we can get.
comment by elderjane on May 7, 2019 4:52 AM ()
Yes, it does seem as if we are forgetting him if we adopt. He was a very loving personality. I am truly depressed. We won't get a kitten -- I've had kittens and they can totally disrupt a household. We'll give our love to an older cat. It will be a genuine rescue.
reply by tealstar on May 7, 2019 7:05 AM ()
Sounds like you take good supplements. With the loss of Ziggy you took a health hit no matter what else was going on. My sister swears by these horribly expensive superfood powders by Gundry MD. She gave me two small jars, one of Vital Reds and Energy Renew. If I notice some big health improvement I’ll mention it.
comment by drmaus on May 6, 2019 4:10 PM ()
I take niagen, laminine, pine bark extract and D ribose. The first two are expensive but worth it. let me know how you do on yours.
reply by tealstar on May 6, 2019 10:31 PM ()

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